#CES | LG starts selling televisions with coils at astronomical prices


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#CES | LG starts selling televisions with coils at astronomical prices

Samsung has failed an important result, one of the highlights of their last year's announcements. Roll-up TV goes on sale. The dream of connoisseurs, became a reality — the interior of a large room where the family spends their leisure time, will cease to spoil the black rectangle giant. It will only appear when needed and disappear with one touch of a button, if desired, continuing to create the right atmosphere — the roaring in the ancient fireplace firewood or autumn rain, the sounds of which leisurely so nice to think about something else.

Since then, when LG Display at CES 2018 prototype of its incredible "roll" of the TV, passed exactly a year. And now LG Electronics is ready to bring its flagship TV on the market. Consumers can purchase new Signature OLED TV R in the spring of 2019, but a giant astronomically price. The novelty is close to the one considered last year to prototype, but LG has usovershenstvovany base station, adding the 100-watt Dolby Atmos column that can please lovers of quality sound.


LG will return harmony and comfort to the interior of the living room

What is more important — a huge screen in plain view or comfort? Each reader found your own answer to this question and can share their opinion , but many preferred to dispense with this detail in an elaborate interior of a large room. And colleagues of Ubergizmo revealed — a technological marvel exists and was created by LG.

There are many reasons to strongly want a big TV, but it has drawbacks, and in addition to excessively high prices. Well, except maybe like a giant black rectangle in the living room, but that's where the majority is TV. Can we call such an element of interior decoration modern large room? Moreover, many people with the development of the Internet in General declined from the TV and it is clear — after all, information flows, abundantly supplied per second Global Network, not just enough and even too much.

And companies offering consumers their products, are beginning to realize this — the role of Internet has increased, and television — declined. However, the TV itself began to be perceived as part of the daily content. In the end, the same company Samsung offers a not only a technological but also an aesthetic masterpiece, as The Frame that on the wall in the room looks vellano even when it is not used. Because on his screen paintings of van Gogh Museum are replaced by content. Samsung has Serif. And it — not just a technique, a pretty component of modern furniture.


LG made a big screen invisible

LG has taken a giant step forward in TV design. It can be simply rolled into a roll when not in use. The screen retracts into the base slowly, and when you press the button before my eyes again — a huge TV. You will not see unsightly roll. Of course, the transparent base could lead to the delight of those who believe that the mechanisms beautiful in themselves, but the current design solution for most users seems to be optimal.

There Remains a lot of questions that can excite users. First of all, it's unknown how durable the new design and how many times in the process of testing it folded and again unfolded. Colleagues received an answer to a very important question, knowing that the finished product in terms of functionality will not be significantly different from the prototype shown by LG Display at last year's CES.


Dual intellect Signature OLED TV R

Interesting mode, which LG calls a "Line Mode". Those who love music will love it. The display extends approximately one-fourth of its height and the screen control the playback of music content. But that's not all. An additional "trick" modes "Line Mode" is the option to control smart appliances. LG TV will create a cozy mood with the fireplace crackling, or the sound of rain. Confidence that it will resonate with consumers there, but yet one thing is clear — before us the concept screen of the future, and the best available to date.

Voice control Alexa launched when you click Prime Video is a Supplement to integrated into the software webOS virtual assistant Google Assistant. LG, one of those companies that added support for Apple AirPlay 2. You can listen to your favorite music on the radio Atmos even when the TV is fully rolled and folded it — great handy feature.

The Set of connectors is approximately the same as in other premium LG TVs. They are, as one would expect, on the rear panel of the base. I am glad that LG in the line of 2019 passed to the HDMI 2.1. For such an expensive TV it is very important not to be retarded, even in detail.

Users do not have to choose between image quality and a modern collapsible display. In the new — the same chip Alpha 9 as in other models of LG TVs 2019. LG products are great characteristics such as brightness and contrast. New TV provides all the advantages ofOLED panels — a deep black color, excellent viewing angles and vivid color HDR. But to draw conclusions, we must await comparison with other models of comparable class.


Roll TV — in the spring of 2019, but — available?

But all that — not important. Considering the TV will visually relieve the interior of the living room from the least attractive, but so important for many users, object. When the TV is off, it just will not remind you of their presence. Years LG showed at CES, folding displays, and now the dream is close to its debut — the real product will finally be offered to consumers.

Do Not forget that the lowest price of TV-"Wallpaper" OLED TV from LG — 8 thousand dollars. It is expected that the novelty will be much more expensive because it is much more impressive. Today LG announced that retail Signature OLED TV R will appear in the spring for the "price premium". Probably in March. But it will take several years before you roll 4K TVs will become accessible to a wide audience of consumers.


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