#CES | Samsung showed a new modular microspathodon TV


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#CES | Samsung showed a new modular microspathodon TV

At last year's CES, the South Korean company showed a modular 146-inch TV with the speaker called The Wall, built on the new technology MicroLED, where as the basis used miniature LEDs. This year the company brought two new models: one smaller, the other bigger. New 75-inch model is more like a consumer product, but for those who 146 inches was not enough, the company prepared a monster 219-inch version.

Display Technology based on miniature LEDs works on the same principle as the scoreboard installed, for example, at the stadiums, where the role of each pixel play a tiny red, green and blue light emitting diodes that lights up separately. Since the dimensions of these LEDs are only a few micrometers, that on one display, they can fit a huge number, which in turn allows you to increase resolution, brightness, contrast and color gamut image, at least according to marketers, the South Korean giant. And, not to be confused with MicroLED technology conventional LED TVs. In the latest led backlight is used only for highlighting of the screen.

To date, the company had only one 146-inch version MicroLED-TV, which seemed too big for most living rooms. However, for the year Samsung managed to technically improve the technology by reducing the LEDs in size and more densely arranged them, making it possible to produce more compact 75-inch 4K-resolution. For the average consumer this size TV will still seem large, but at least this screen doesn't look as if you just stole from the nearest stadium.

For those who prefer maximalism, the company prepared a giant 219-inch version, which makes it one of the biggest TVs on the market. In this respect, the novelty from Samsung is inferior to the superiority that monstrous C Seed – the world's most expensive TV (cost $ 549,000) with a screen diagonal of 262 inches. However, Samsung is positioning itself a novelty, not as a consumer product, but rather as a display which can be used for advertising in public places or in the business environment.

Despite the fact that the main selling factor is of course the size of the TV, more interesting is another feature of these giants is their modularity. Both models can be folded as a likes of square blocks at the minimum noticeable gaps at the edges of the junction (at a distance from the screens breaks do not visible). Each block is fastened to another with the help of metal clips. In the end, if you wish, you can fold the screens with an aspect ratio of 4:3, 16:9 or 21:9 and even 32:9.

About price of new Samsung, unfortunately, do not yet speak. But given the characteristics of the data (modularity, 4K resolution, new technology MicroLED, sizes), do not be surprised if the cost of these monsters may well pass for a couple of hundreds of thousands of green presidents.

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