The first power station with the flying wind turbines will create Shell and Alphabet


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Norway's plan to establish the first power station with the flying wind turbines. The development of the project will be engaged in oil and gas company Shell and one of the companies which is a holding company Alphabet — Makani. Plans for the construction of a shared CEO last who wants to complete all work within two children.

At the time, as conventional wind farms depend on wind speed (higher it is, the station to work harder), flying wind turbine is able to be on the heights, where almost always there is wind. Thus, the power plant with this type of devices will be able to generate more energy.

The plan will involve several wind turbines, Makani, which must be linked with a special cable (rope) to the floats — they, in turn, are held in place by anchor and transfer power to the substation for voltage stabilization. The wind has a wing span of 25.9 meters and can reach a height of 305 meters. It has 8 small generators. The capacity of the whole structure will be from 600 to 1,000 kilowatts. After takeoff, the unit will climb to a working altitude and then circling around the anchor point.

The world's First flying wind turbine was tested over Alaska in 2014. It was a ring shell filled with helium, in the center of which is located the turbine and generator. The cost of the project amounted to $ 1.3 million. It aims to provide energy in various places and under various conditions.

Flying wind turbines will help solve another problem. The development of "clean" energy — a necessary thing, but normally wind turbines are very noisy, therefore within the city limits to put them is not really advisable. At sea, they will not take up much space and thus to work as efficiently as possible.

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