Space tourism, asteroid and other news of high technologies


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Space tourism, asteroid and other news of high technologies

What part of speed of light should be the velocity of the particle to its kinetic energy were equal to its rest energy? We know the answer, and I know what happened in the world of high technologies for the last week.

1. Soon we will fly to the plants and the mustard! At least all this goes. Recently, for example, Etihad Airways conducted the first commercial flight running on a biofuel — it used biofuels on the basis of Salicornia (plants of coastal strip with a high concentration of salt in the soil). In other words, just the kerosene was diluted with biofuels in the ratio of 50: 50 on biofuels aircraft yet to fly can not.

Followed by the UAE about their plans announced in the Netherlands. The Ministry of defence has said it wants to transfer the entire military aviation of the country for flights on biofuel. First, all military aircraft will fly with a 20% addition of biofuels, but over time its contents will increase to 70 %.

Whether the Russian airline, at least partially, to use biofuel to fly commercial flights in the near future? In a press-service of S7 Group Aeroflot told us that such plans have carriers yet.

2. Meanwhile, the private aerospace company Blue Origin, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, held a successful launch of the New Shepard, and then fit the waste stage and the crew capsule. This is the first launch of a rocket New Shepard in 2019 and in General this is the tenth successful test for the company.

New Shepard is a fully reusable rocket. In other words, almost every element of the system can be restored for reuse. It consists of two main parts – the actual, the accelerator (booster), and capsules in which you plan to deliver people to a height of about 100 kilometers above the Earth's surface.

With each passenger New Shepard will ask for $ 200,000 per ticket. Previous modification to fly in space 5 times, until 2016, the company is not replaced by a new version.

3. Want to see 16 times solar sunrises and sunsets in a day? To feel your body effects of microgravity and enjoy the fantastic views of our planet from the outside? It is likely that in 2021 you will have the opportunity. However, in the presence of 9.5 million dollars.

In the same amount the American company Orion Span evaluates the opportunity to spend 12 days aboard the Aurora Station is the first space-Suite hotel is scheduled to open in 2 years. Space at the Aurora Station will be a modular station which can accommodate 6 people – 4 tourists and 2 crew members. It is expected that it will be in low earth orbit at an altitude of 320 km.

Guests can enjoy the sunrises, to maintain a constant video call with relatives on the Ground (promise access to high-speed Wi-Fi), relax in the specially designed cells to sleep and to eat space rations of the highest quality. Well, another thing!

4. We're all gonna die? In 2068 on the Ground can fall off the asteroid Apophis, according to the report prepared by the scientists of the Department of celestial mechanics St. Petersburg state University.

Almost immediately after its discovery, scientists began to make predictions about the probability of collision of the object with the Ground. In 2004 scientists suggested that the probability of Apophis to the Earth in 2029 would be 1 to 45 000. Some time later, radar observations have ruled out the possibility of collision in 2029, but, due to inaccuracies of the initial data there was a probability of collision of this object with our planet in 2036 and subsequent years.

Given the size of the asteroid, the real impact from his fall to the planet's surface is estimated catastrophic, said our source in the St. Petersburg state University. For example, it is possible to lose an area the size of an average country.

Before the close approach of Apophis with the Earth in 2068 we will have a few more early meetings with the small celestial body.

5. No sooner had the rocket Starship even to go as have fallen because of strong wind. The photographs published by different users on Twitter can be seen that the upper part of the future of the device lies on its side and pretty much crushed. said that he was aware of the incident. In addition, the head of SpaceX added that the restoration can take several weeks.

In the future the company plans to use SpaceX's new rocket superheavy class for delivery of people and cargo into orbit, but also on the moon and Mars. The prototype Starship was gathered rather quickly near the village of Boca Chica, where SpaceX is building a new spaceport.

I Want to believe that collect the rocket will be more responsible than to attach it to the ground.

These are the main news from the world of high technology for the week. You would want to become a space tourist? Write about it .


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