#news high technology 268 | results the presentation of Apple and robots to assemble the pizza


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#news high technology 268 | results the presentation of Apple and robots to assemble the pizza

Every Monday in the new issue of "News of high technologies" we summarize the results of the last week, talking about some of the most important events, the key discoveries and inventions. Today — the end of the presentation Apple robots for the Assembly of pizza and more! Below the news you can find in a text format.



Apple introduced the new MacBook Air, Mac mini and iPad Pro

Every presentation of Apple are eagerly waiting for even those users who prefer products from other companies. And although this time was not presented iPhone, the end of the presentation was a pleasant surprise. pleasing the iPad Pro screens for increased compactness of design, the MacBook Air — their displays, and the Mac mini became the first computer is sufficient for the tasks of professionals.

Displays the iPad Pro steel anymore — they are now 11 inch. At the same time, due to the Face ID, the tablet is quite compact. The new iPad Pro is incredibly thin — just 5.9 mm in thickness. Available also the version with a 12.9-inch screen. Consider the tablets are equipped with USB ports.

The Most important feature of the new MacBook Air was Retina Display. The giant aluminum frame is left in the past, and the screen remained a 13.3-inch. Full resolution display of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Provides and Touch ID, which has become one of the most interesting additions to the Mac configuration over the years.

All of these improvements led to the increase in the price of the MacBook Air, which now starts from 1, 119 U.S. dollars or 104 990 rubles.

Although the design of the new Mac mini was familiar, its components have become much more impressive. At least, the product uses a Quad-core Intel eighth generation intended for desktop computers. Provided and optional version with a six-core processor. Maximum amount: of RAM — 64 GB storage — 2 terabytes. Thus, the computational performance has increased (as a maximum) five times, and graphics performance by 60%.

Provides four Thunderbolt 3 port, two USB-A, HDMI, audio and Ethernet (including option to support a speed of 10 gigabits per second).

Deliveries of the new Mac mini will start on 7 November 2018. The Junior version — 93 990 rubles.


Elon Musk in a panic

Edition of Reuters reported that in June, Elon Musk fired "at least seven" important managers Starlink. Among the dismissed employees was the Vice-President of SpaceX satellites Rajiv Badial, designer Marc Krebs and specialists who previously worked at Microsoft. According to Reuters, they're used to a longer timescale for development and not ready for regime Elon musk.

At the moment we know that the project Starlink employs about 300 professionals. In January 2015, Elon Musk said that after three or four years, the number of employees will exceed 1,000. Dismissing ineffective employees Elon Musk has found a replacement in the face of more trusted people.

It is Known that satellites for Internet distribution will be put into orbit in height from 1110 to 1325 km, which is much lower than the height of the flight other similar devices. Given the speed of the Internet will reach 1 Gbps with a latency less than 35 MS. For comparison, satellites in higher altitude is not able to provide latency below 600 MS.


Tesla — a HUNDRED

Tesla is allowed the owners of electric cars to repair their cars.

A Law requiring manufacturers to provide manuals to repair and sell spare parts, enters in an increasing number of U.S. States. First, he was concerned with electronics and other equipment, but in Massachusetts it is also effective against vehicles. Soon the demand spread to other States.

In Order not to violate the requirements imposed by law, the company Tesla has created a special section on the website describing every detail of branded cars. Parts catalog relevant to the whole model line: Model 3, Model S, Model X and Roadster classic. Sketches on the pages to reveal new details about such details as the rear suspension Tesla Model 3.

Publish the Handbook might mean that in the near future to buy car parts, Tesla can not only service centers, but also ordinary owners of electric cars. Most automakers have agreed to provide documentation and spare parts much earlier, so that a failure by Tesla would have looked very strange.


the mysteries of the galaxy

Robots doing a variety of "human" Affairs (including cooking) is no surprise. But large global pizza chain Pizza Hut and the famous automaker Toyota still want to try to do it. And along the way, and to change the approach to the delivery of food. The fact that the company unveiled a robot that cooks pizza in the kitchen and in a specially equipped car, which already carries the order to the customer.

Itself a "mobile kitchen" is composed of the fridge with pre-prepared products, robotic feed system and Assembly, as well as portable conveyor belt oven that can cook several pizzas at once. Cooked pizza will just have to put in the box.

According to the developers, the automated process of cooking a pizza takes 6-7 minutes. After receiving the order, first the robotic arm opens the fridge, picks up the blank and moves onto a conveyor belt furnace. When cooking is finished, the second robotic arm takes the pizza travels on a cutting Board, cut into 6 slices and put it intobox. Then the driver can pick up a pizza and send it to the client. But Pizza Hut plans to convert the system into Autonomous cars as soon as they'll be widespread.

Tell us what you think about this and other nowosad high technology this week in our


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