Ooho is a cheap and edible alternative to plastic packaging


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Ooho is a cheap and edible alternative to plastic packaging

A London-based startup Skipping Rocks Lab has developed the packaging of the future, which can become a great replacement of plastic cups, bags and bottles. Ooho — tasteless, but edible wrapper, is made from seaweed extract. It is durable, cheap to manufacture, and most importantly absolutely eco-friendly — it can not only eat, but also no harm to the environment to throw away — very quickly, the packaging itself will dissolve and disappear.

The Technology was developed two years, now its creators patented the method by which very soon they are going to start production Ooho, well, while you guys are looking for investors and trying to attract to his invention any more attention. According to them, edible and inexpensive wrapper will be able to solve the problem of plastic waste and reduce environmental pollution.

The Founders of Skipping Rocks Lab broadcast their videos on various media outlets, presentations and plan to release a trial commercial shipment Ooho this year. The Ooho edible containers may be the most practical packaging for beverages and different Goodies that are made snacks and go. All you need to do is to remove with edible capsule top protective layer and send it in your mouth.

The Price bubble with a capacity of 250 milliliters at the output is only about two rubles, which is significantly cheaper than plastic containers, so the success of the idea in Skipping Rocks Lab no doubt. Lit up at various events and running the trial batch, the startup hopes to promote the idea, and after a few years, to compete by TetraPak.


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