Smart sails from Airbus will help less to pollute the ocean


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Airbus is known to many as various Airliners and other aircraft. However, she is engaged and shipping, and specially for these purposes there was created the subdivision Airseas. It recently introduced a very interesting development: smart sail that can make sea travel more energy efficient and at the same time to reduce the pollution of the ocean.

Most of shipping Airbus focuses on the transfer of aircraft between the US and Europe. On these ships and will establish a new smart sails. The area of each sail is 1000 square meters, and the assurance engineers Airseas, the use of the sail reduces the fuel consumption due to additional wind thrust. This reduces the number of exhausts in the ocean, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint, dangerous for marine flora and fauna.

But the system is not just "a huge parachute." "Inside" smart sail set a whole bunch of sensors and sensors, which independently determine the appropriate time and place for disclosure. Given the weather conditions, the strength and direction of the wind, the sail after deployment begins to assist the movement, and when this falls below a certain limit and it ceases to make the required contribution, the sail itself is formed into a hull. In this case, none of the steps work no one does not participate. The system is fully Autonomous.

Airbus is planning by 2030 to have this sail at least 10% of large commercial vessels. According to experts, the annual fuel costs for each vessel are in the order of 10 million US dollars, and the savings obtained with the use of sails will reach up to 20% of this amount, not to mention the benefits for the environment.

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