BMW have created an unmanned motorcycle to test new security systems


2018-09-13 02:15:04




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Engineers from BMW Motorrad, a subsidiary of the automaker BMW has been developing motorcycle, showed unmanned motorcycle ConnectedRide. A prototype two-wheeled robot was created to test and implement new security tools motorcyclists, and improve security management. Testing of new systems can be accompanied by serious risk to humans, therefore, BMW decided to shift this task to the automated two-wheeled vehicle.

Autonomous motorcycle, which took BMW two years, serves as a test platform for creating, testing and integration of new security systems (e.g., systems that help to overcome the obstacles on the road, or to prevent skidding of the rear wheels of the bike) into new products of the company. In the base of the robot was based on the model of motorcycle R1200GS.

The company's Engineers used the prototype to create advanced systems active driver assistance that allows you to maintain full control over the bike even, if necessary, emergency braking (e.g., when turning), as well as helping to keep the rows of the movement. Such systems are today available only in cars.

The Development of German engineers can be discussed .


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