Filters in Snapchat and Instagram raise a new kind of mental disorder


2018-08-09 19:30:06




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Filters in modern applications, social networks cause a new kind of dismorphia body. This is reported by researchers from Boston University. They published an article in the medical journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. The researchers note that more and more people want to look unrealistic, falling into disorder because of how they look now.

Dismorphia body is the state of mental health in which people experience excessive anxiety about their appearance. The authors believe that today Instagram and Snapchat are changing the understanding of beauty in the world. They even allocate such a thing as «Snapchat dismorphia». It is celebrated among the patients of plastic surgeons who want to be like celebrities, and in their own photos with the filters in Snapchat.

For the First time on «Snapchat dismorphia» reported The Independent. Surgeons began to report about the desire of patients to enhance the lips and eyes or reduce the nose in order to look like their own photo with the filter applied. The trend is considered worrisome, because often people want the unattainable result. This means that in any case they are not satisfied with their appearance. Today, mobile apps are creating a new understanding of beauty, and this beauty is beyond imaginations.

The Problem is exacerbated due to availability of mobile applications. If earlier for someone with a standard of beauty could serve as a model on the cover, today it is possible to admire a filtered photo of your neighbour. Widespread application of filters, changing the idea of beauty, can become the cause of increasing cases dysmorphia body. Just as the diffusion of technology, the level of happiness in Bhutan, the popularity of Snapchat and Instagram affects satisfaction with your own appearance all over the world.

It is also Noted that more and more people are turning to plastic surgeons to look better in selfies and on social networks. According to the American Academy of facial plastic surgery, in 2017, 42 percent of patients did plastic surgery for a more attractive selfie. This year already 55 percent. What do you think? Share in our .


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