First look at the transport system of the new generation of Hyperloop One


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First look at the transport system of the new generation of Hyperloop One

The Hyperloop Company One showed some photos of the construction of a test bed the world's first Hyperloop transport system, the Assembly is currently going on in the Nevada desert. The Los Angeles startup is one of several companies who supported the idea of Elon musk at the realization of a futuristic system of transportation of goods and passengers.

The concept is described as "the fifth generation of transport" and proposes to carry out passenger and cargo transportation with a speed of 1220 kilometers per hour in closed capsules that will move in a special sealed system of pipes with low pressure. The idea may "smacks of" science fiction – and rightly so, I have to admit — but new photos from Nevada talking about what to expect the first Hyperloop system were (hopefully) very long.

The length of the test bed, called DevLoop at the moment is just 500 metres away. The weight of the structure is more than 1 million pounds. When its construction will be completed in the next few months, the full length of the line will be about 3 kilometers. Despite the fact that in the first tests of the system it is unlikely as passengers will be allowed a people, a test site will allow for the first time in practice to find out if it works the idea of Hyperloop and will she be able to justify such arose around the level of hype that even the Russian officials to build a similar system on our home-mother.

For the First time the concept of the system Hyperloop proposed by Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, back in 2012. Later they were presented a concept document that described how such a transport system might work. According to the original idea of the Mask was considered the option of building a superfast transport branch Hyperloop between San Francisco and Los Angeles. However, to date it is not known whether in General implemented the California Hyperloop in the near future.

As Musk originally stated that his idea is completely open for third parties, a number of companies including several hundred academic research teams started to develop the technology for the Hyperloop, however, the leading party at the moment, it seems, is that One Hyperloop.

Startup conducted the first demonstration of the Hyperloop propulsion system in may last year. Then, in October of the same year presented their plans to build the first passenger system, which the company wants to build in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making it among such cities as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The length of the line will be about 159 kilometers. Typically, this distance takes about two hours by car, but according to experts from One of new Hyperloop transportation system Hyperloop will be able to reduce travel time to just 12 minutes.

The Company says that the UAE could be completed by 2020, but before that happens, first it is necessary to conduct the demonstration of full-scale test branches DevLoop, which is now collected in the Nevada desert. The developers want to make sure that such transportation will indeed be safe even at such insane speeds promised.

That is why all eyes will be on Nevada this year. And if all goes well, the technology adaptation Hyperloop will be a large step forward, since, despite the loud promises, many questions regarding it remain unanswered. In particular, is it possible to create a similar transportation system, whether it is reliable and safe for this kind of traffic, and how much it all might cost.

Some hints on the cost of such projects still exist. Leaked last year in the Network of documents point to the fact that, according to preliminary cost of the project of building the Hyperloop in the UAE will cost $ 4.8 billion, or more than $ 30 million per kilometer. And yet if something can convince people that such a futuristic transportation system will be worth every spent on it dollar of such astronomical sums, so it is a successful demonstration DevLoop that promises to place in a few months.

May Mask and gave the concept of the Hyperloop system in the hands of other people, he never abandoned his own dream of connecting cities with ultra-fast transport corridors. Last month, the head of SpaceX and Tesla showed a glimpse of a huge rig that could potentially be used to create underground tunnels to facilitate ground traffic cities such as Los Angeles. Elon even got the idea to build your own tunnel in order to get to your seat and not bored in traffic. As a joke this enterprise was christened by the name of Boring Company. And the question on Twitter on whether he plans to combine these two ideas to ultimately produce a real transport revolution, Musk replied: maybe.


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