In Russia using the system of facial recognition caught the first offender


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In Russia using the system of facial recognition caught the first offender

In Moscow at the metro station "Frunzenskaya" police arrested a man who is wanted and hiding from investigation. The detection signal wanted by police has filed a facial recognition system cost 4 billion rubles, which was introduced in the Moscow subway to the world Cup — 2018.

The System is signaled to police that one of the passengers is wanted. After the detention it turned out that the man had escaped from the KGB, where he was wanted for robbery. This is the first in Russia, the criminal managed to be detained with such a system.

The Technology allows the cameras to check up to 20 people per second. Previously, the system created by Russian engineers, recognized as the best in their field U.S. intelligence.

Practical application of this technology has already taken place in August 2016. When an unknown man stormed into the office of one of capital banks and took hostage several people with cameras, police in a matter of minutes learned that the bankrupt businessman Aram Petrosyan.

In the capital now there are several thousand street lens connected to the identification system.

Soon the effectiveness of the technology of identifying people becomes even more effective. The Ministry of communications has developed a procedure for the transfer operator of the Unified information system ("Rostelecom") to the FSB and MVD of biometric data of Russian citizens. The corresponding document was published on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

We are Talking about data face image and voice data. This information allows a high degree of accuracy to identify a specific person in a large volume of voice traffic ("voice verification") or surveillance cameras.

The Operator will be required to provide this information during the day through a single system of interdepartmental electronic interaction in a form that allows you to set the identity of the person. The provision of such information will be free of charge, the document says.

"this project is an important step towards the development of the Digital economy in Russia. The launch of the biometric system in the framework of solving tasks of financial industry and its further use in various industries — from telemedicine and distance to elections, e-commerce, — will increase the availability of digital services for residents of remote regions and inactive citizens, and will also contribute to improving the quality of life of Russians", — said Mikhail Oseevsky, President of the PJSC "Rostelecom".

Mikhail Oseevsky assured that the mechanism is transparent and will ensure that leaks of personal data of citizens will not happen. He also believes that society has the wrong attitude towards the collection of biometric information and this attitude needs to change.

"Always need to strike a balance between maintaining freedoms and security. But in recent times, based on misconceptions about the vastness of democracy and absolute freedom, security went by the wayside. The result is still the terrorist threat in the world is not overcome. Therefore, society should calmly refer to such mechanisms and more attention to focus on the wrong, to deny them, and in their improvement and public control over their use," — he said.

According to earlier statements, the system will use in banks for remote identification of citizens when opening accounts. It is a natural method of monetization system for Rostelecom. But if the FSB and the interior Ministry will be able to obtain biometric data of citizens on request, free of charge, banks will have to pay. For payback "Rostelecom" plans to charge 200 rubles each Bank to open an account natural persons using biometric systems.

The Initial collection of biometric data is also borne by the banks. Under the plan, of each payment in 200 roubles, "Rostelecom" will pass 100 in the Bank, which produced the primary collection of biometric data on the individual citizen. Thus, for banks it is also an additional source of income — they also will be interested in collecting biometric data of their customers.

Using in the banks — only the beginning. In the future biometric database, should find wide application in many other spheres of public life: to receive state and municipal services, health, education and other fields.

Rostelecom plans to invest in the project about 200 million rubles. The payback period of the system stated in 8-10 years.

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