In China launched a giant cleaner from the smog on solar energy


2018-03-12 16:30:04




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In China launched a giant cleaner from the smog on solar energy

The Problem of air pollution from smog is particularly relevant in China, as in the period of rapid growth of the industry, few people think about the safety of the environment. However, in recent years the situation has become almost critical that reflected even on human health. So today, the Chinese do not regret forces and means to remedy the situation. For example, just a few days ago in XI'an (Shaanxi province) earned the world's largest installation for the purification of smog. Moreover, this installation is powered by solar energy, but not in quite the usual sense.

The Major innovation of the Chinese setup is that it works in passive mode. On earth have many glass roofs to trap sunlight. The air heated in the pipe system rises in the main pipe of 18 meters height. In the pipe, the polluted air passes through a series of filters and into the atmosphere, it comes already cleaned. Daily installation passes through a 5 to 8 million cubic metres of air. Data taken from the pollution sensors, indicated a reduction in concentrations of particulate matter in the air by 19%. It should also be noted that the cost of construction amounted to $ 2 million, and the total area of purification designs is 10 square kilometers.

But despite the progress, the environmentalists have a lot of complaints to work, without a doubt, we need a cleaning station. First, there is evidence that clearing antimahia the installation of sulfur dioxide – one of the most hazardous air pollutants. In addition, experts argue that one treatment plant is a drop in the ocean. For normal air cleaning needs at least a few dozen of such facilities, and given the considerable area of the complex, this would be very problematic.

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