Capsule Hyperloop Virgin One showed in Dubai


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Capsule Hyperloop Virgin One showed in Dubai

CEO of Virgin Hyperoop One called for a week of innovation in the United Arab Emirates, where he demonstrated a full-scale model of the passenger capsules of the future transport system. Last year, the company tested a prototype of the passenger capsule, but since that time it has undergone significant changes.

Last year's prototype was accelerated on the test track to speed of 387 kilometers per hour, but its interior was much more Spartan in comparison with the new model, brought to Dubai.

The Sample is a large capsule in which the passengers can stand tall. The seat includes armrests with built-in touchscreen displays. Between the seats there is enough space not only for feet but also for your Luggage. Due to the fact that the Hyperloop transport system will significantly reduce the time, the designers decided to pay more attention to the comfort of each passenger.

Initially, the company has submitted to the authorities the route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but last year proposed to increase the transport network, connecting several major cities.

«This will help reduce travel and delivery of goods in cities and their surrounding areas, which obviously can have a significant impact on the economic development of the region», — said Rob Lloyd, CEO of Virgin Hyperloop One.

The Proposal, announced representatives of the VHO in Dubai, no obligation hand, but if local authorities wish to participate in the project, probably, they will have to get in line for India — there is a VHO owner Richard Branson has promised to build a valid line within seven years.

Glad for the success of Hyperloop not only in comments but in our own , which we recently launched.

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