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Ezfly —

A French inventor and lover of extreme sports has not parted with his dream to make a compact and convenient device that allows a person to soar into the air and hover above the ground like a bird. He has designed and developed the Flyboard, allowing the person to fly through the jet stream of water, then appeared the new development — jet hoverboard Flyboard Air. Now he introduced the world to some semblance of a flying Segway called Ezfly.

Flying hoverboard was good in all but ease of management. To manage they could only himself Frank Zapata, a wealth of experience which in these experiments allowed him to balance in the air and not to fall into the water at the first awkward movement. It was then in the mind of Frank the idea was born: to create such aerial vehicles, which can be absolutely anyone. This led to the concept Ezfly ("Ez" in this case is an abbreviation of the word "Easy", ie "easy").

Unlike Falyboard Air, the hoverboard Ezfly is equipped with two vertical handles, which the pilot not only can hold on for balance, but also to use them to control the unusual vehicle. Feet no longer necessary to fasten to the platform. The pilot just needs to stand on it and take the handle. It turns out that you're running something like a flying Segway in three-dimensional space, not in the same plane.

Below you can see a video in which Zapata is testing Ezfly in October last year. Ten pilots, including the inventor, flew over the surface of a Texas lake on the new hoverboard. It seems that Zapata was able to do to achieve the level of control over their means of aircraft that operate it can be almost anyone, as no one incident during testing did not happen. On the contrary, all quickly settled with an unusual jet hoverboard from flight sea of delight.

Do Not be surprised that some pilots dressed in military uniforms. For anybody not a secret that the development of Frank TVs became interested in the Pentagon. For the military, it was important whether the hoverboard to levitate a soldier in full regimentals. Well, it seems that the Ezfly is not a problem. We remind you that in the 50-ies of the last century, the U.S. military tried to create something similar called the Hiller Flying Platform. An archive recording of testing this thing you can watch below. It's amazing how technology has evolved over the past decade.



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