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2017-10-30 18:00:04




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Every Monday in the new issue of «News high-tech» we summarize the previous week, talking about some of the most important events, the key discoveries and inventions. This time we will focus on neural networks, Chinese Silicon valley and a friend! Pleasant viewing!



New method of water purification: as boiling, but much better

In most cases, drinking water without prior filtration and treatment it is impossible — it may contain hazardous microbes. Ways to get rid of them are numerous: from boiling and chlorination, to disinfect under the ultraviolet light, but researchers ...

Artificial intelligence at MIT learned to train the neural network faster than ever

In an attempt to "democratize the AI" scientists at mit have found a way to use artificial intelligence to much more effective learning systems machine learning — that is, neural networks. They hope that a new algorithm, which allows to save time and...

The us Navy will receive in 2021 destroyer with a very powerful laser gun

naval forces of the United States are going to equip by 2021, one of their ships a powerful laser weapon. The installation, dubbed the High Energy Laser with Integrated Optical-dazzler and Surveillance (HELIOS), as reported by Popular Mechanics is a ...

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3D printer to print food will appear in every kitchen in the next few years

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