Powerful computer Google — the day after tomorrow. Video, picture and features


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Powerful computer Google — the day after tomorrow. Video, picture and features

Soon, Google users will appreciate a number of their new devices, including not only smart phones Pixel. Because sometimes the phone performance is not enough for all tasks of the user and then there is a need for more powerful yet compact enough devices. It is possible that one of the new Google high-performance Intel processors and a large RAM, which is characteristic for the PC, will be combined with the basic feature phones — support cellular communication.

In Addition to the new smartphones Pixel, users expect from Google, and other, perhaps equally interesting device — Pixel Slate, a tablet with a connected keyboard. Rumors about the first Chrome-based tablet, which will please Google, for the past weeks has repeatedly appeared in the Network. It is believed that the public will be shown the tablet with the aspect ratio of the display is 3:2. The novelty will be equipped with two cameras, one of which will be located on the back, and second — on the front panel of the device. In the package is a stylus. There is also the USB-C port and speakers on each side of the tablet. Moreover, it is not excluded even the possibility of support not yet available tablet cellular connections. A hint of this black section on the rear panel of the device. New hosted image Pixel Slate was reviewed by Andrew Liptako (Andrew Liptak) on the resource to link to .


Google Pixel Slate — a powerful tablet computer

Additionally, it is noted that the removable physical keyboard has not yet announced the device will be characterized by an unusual round buttons. It provided a special button for Google Assistant.

It is Expected that the new tablet that can also be used as a laptop, will offer the Google alternative to Apple's iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro. According to rumors, the maximum amount of memory the device in question will reach 16 gigabytes. Pixel Slate will be based on the Intel i7. There is also the possibility of equipping the new fingerprint scanner. Its operating system will be Chrome OS.

As already widely known, the long-awaited presentation will be translated by Google in the coming Tuesday, October 9, 2018. On it, users expect to see the phones Pixel 3, the Mat for charging, the tablet Slate, Google Home Hub, as well as updated Pixelbook, Chromecast and more.

To Discuss the tablet with support for physical keyboards readers can .


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