Perhaps SpaceX will no longer throw missiles


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Perhaps SpaceX will no longer throw missiles

SpaceX was supposed to launch the Falcon 9 early last week, but because of the wind the launch was postponed. The second attempt was a success. Shortly after launch on Thursday, SpaceX announced that the EchoStar XXIII steadily moved into geosynchronous orbit. Due to the complexity of the launch of this satellite SpaceX tried to recover the first stage. Perhaps this sacrifice was made the last time.

EchoStar XXIII — commercial satellite Ku-band, support data and video transmission. This is the 25th satellite of this type, the expanded company, making it the fourth largest operator of geosynchronous satellites. Due to the nature of its work, the EchoStar XXIII must be at a high altitude of some 36,000 kilometers. To lift a large payload up requires a lot of energy, so Falcon 9 did not remain fuel for a landing.

SpaceX knew all this when he launched a rocket from the historic launch pad 39A Space center. Kennedy (her second run here). So its the rocket went into the ocean, like all disposable rocket to her. SpaceX founder Elon Musk says it may have been the last time a company loses first stage of the rocket. Future net loads of this type will come out on the improved Falcon 9 Block 5 or not yet proven rocket, the Falcon Heavy.

The Falcon 9 Block 5 will be the final version of the project. It will be very similar to the current Falcon 9, but with more powerful engines, outstanding greater thrust, improved landing legs and changes in design to make it easier to refresh to a new start. Falcon Heavy (formerly known as the Falcon 9 Heavy) is quite another. The basis of this transport will be the Falcon 9 with two attached boosters on the sides. He will be able to withdraw almost 23 000 kilograms in geosynchronous orbit. The Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9 Block 4 will have to start almost simultaneously at a certain moment at the end of this year.

With ever more powerful rockets, SpaceX does not have to choose between a payload into a higher orbit and recovery of the equipment of the first stage. You can do both, saving significant resources on each run. Extra fuel for landing adds weight, but the savings in the recovery of missiles more than make up for that cost. Most of these launches will take place at launch pad 39A, which SpaceX will use as the main object to run in Florida.

In the end, this is an important step on the way .


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