The first satellite is reconfigurable launch in 2019


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The first satellite is reconfigurable launch in 2019

Usually the satellite configuration set still in the process of debugging on the Ground and in orbit, he simply executes him before the start of the function. Developers from British company Eutelsat want to change , creating a satellite that can be adjusted directly into orbit.

The First Eutelsat Quantum is scheduled to start in 2019. The operator can change some parameters directly from the mission control center. It is assumed that in real time you can change the area over which the satellite is monitored, the frequency of the signal and a number of other parameters.

The Developers are confident that the variability of the parameters will be a breakthrough in the market, as it will allow you to customize companions in the process of their work, but often they spend in orbit for 15 years or more. Therefore, over time, fulfill its primary function, the device can be reconfigured for other tasks requiring additional attention. Thus in Eutelsat are going to solve the problem of rapid obsolescence of satellites that will lead to a decrease in the rate at which orbiting debris accumulates.

But competition Eutelsat will be able to make micro-satellites, the launch of which, as the production costs are much cheaper. From «MicroStop», also has its supporters who believe that there is no need to pay for something that may never be needed. Instead, it is better to develop a couple «kids» able to perform specific tasks.

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