Jeff Bezos revealed the new and fully assembled rocket engine BE-4


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Jeff Bezos revealed the new and fully assembled rocket engine BE-4

A Private us aerospace company Blue Origin has completed Assembly of a new rocket engine BE-4 – basic system that will be used for orbital launches in a new launch vehicle. Event for the company, I must say, very significant, because the development of the engine was conducted in 2011. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Blue Origin, shared a few photos of a fully assembled and ready to install the engine. While adding that in total it was collected three of the same instance of BE-4.

In one of the photos can be seen on the nozzle of the engine is put on a case that suggests that its going somewhere to be transported. Where exactly he is going to be carrying, Bezos was not specified, but most likely, we are talking about test firing of the company, located in West Texas. Here are all faced by the company boosters. In addition, there was carried out a test launch and landing "New Shepard" is a reusable rocket, which the company plans to use for space tourism.

The new rocket, dubbed the "New Glenn", to be used immediately 7 engine BE-4. As "New Shepard", "New Glenn" will be a reusable launch vehicle capable after payload delivery to orbit to land back on the ground (similar to the launch vehicle "Falcon 9" from SpaceX). However, an important difference between the "New Glenn" from the "New Shepard" is that it will be a heavy booster with enough power to output extremely heavy loads and more people into orbit.

The Diameter of the missile will be 7 meters, and the height range from 82 to 95 meters. All will depend on which of the two versions of the rocket will need to use in a particular case. One version will have only one additional stage, which is separated from the rest of the rocket and the cargo along with the conclusion on the orbit. This stage will operate on the basis of only one engine BE-4. Another version of the rocket "New Glenn" will be equipped with two additional steps. One of the steps will work on the basis of the BE-4, other – equipped engine BE-3, is its smaller version, which is now used on the rocket "New Shepard".

The size of the "New Glenn" will be enormous, especially compared to other launch vehicles. The size of the rocket, Bezos will surpass and SpaceX rocket, including launch vehicles United Launch Alliance. The truth is it's only in dreams, as the "New Glenn" exists only on paper. Assembly of the launch vehicle will be carried out on one of the production plants, Blue Origin, whose construction is now underway at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Bezos promises that the launch of the "New Glenn" will happen before the end of this decade.

However, not only the "New Glenn" can get the engines BE-4 in the future. The company United Launch Alliance (ULA) also considers the possibility of using these systems in their newly built rocket "Vulcan". It will replace the rocket "Atlas-5", the debate about which has been the last few years. The US government doesn't like that it uses Russian rocket engines RD-180. After the notorious events in Ukraine the U.S. Congress signed a decree banning the use of Russian rocket engines for launches of U.S. military satellites.

Given that ULA last decade is a major provider of space launches for the U.S. military, the company had to make concessions and begin the search for a replacement for the Russian RD-180 engines. In the end, it was decided to create an entirely new rocket that will use a completely new type of engines, which involved the development of the company Blue Origin.

In ULA hope that the first launch of the rocket-carrier "Vulcan" will be made not later than 2019. The main purpose of this launch will test missile, powered by two engines BE-4. However, if for some reason this plan fails, I have a ULA have a backup plan in the form AR1 of the new engine, developed by Aerojet Rocketdyne. But at the moment the Executive Director of ULA Tory Bruno seems to be very happy with the success and progress of the company Blue Origin.

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