An inside look: what is it made of 3D-show-musical #JUMIO


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An inside look: what is it made of 3D-show-musical #JUMIO

In April will be held the first screenings of the most anticipated performance of 2017 — . The difference from traditional views primarily in that it uses high technology: instead of the traditional Romeo here the leader of a group of hackers, instead of the usual Capulets — a large Corporation that wants complete control over people. All this is accompanied by modern effects, laser, led installations, and other elements. We decided to find out how it all works from the inside, and took a peek backstage before the premiere. How to create a modern 3D setting, said technical Director LET IT SHOW PRODUCTION Anton Kochnev and head. but Valery Vaschenko.

Thus, the action on stage is happening on the big screen with a width of 18 m and a height of 8 m were projected On screen drawn worlds, which fits the live actors and real scenery. A great advantage in comparison with classical theater: you can implement any ideas of the Director and the artist, in a split second move action to any location invented. The preparation of the content takes months, large human and computing resources.

In order to avoid shadows from the actors and the audience has not seen the light from the projectors, using the reverse projection. It limits the number of selection of stereoscopic systems, since it is impossible to use screens with coating. For a long time for a musical used Christie CP2230 projectors with Dolby 3D. This installation system and is not intended to Turova work, so it was replaced with a system from Barco HDF W30 with Infitec filters. For displaying stereoscopic images, the drop of brightness is quite significant (due to filtering to separate the spectrum of the left and right channel), so I had to increase the power of the projectors to achieve the colorful pictures on the screen. We employ four of Barco's HDF W30, each at 30,000 lumens, and the screen is Harkness Screens Translite Grey 230 18 m x 8 m.

The Content played from servers c FOR Dataton Watchout, which is convenient for the theatre and allows you to sync with sound and light console. In addition, such a system can be run on any platform with a limited barrier of the stage by installing a short throw lens and digital image stitching.



The action of the play takes place in the distant future, so I created those sets, which are likely to be interiors of the next generations. «Theatre of Russian song», which will be show a very wide architectural portal, which was narrowed down using decorative portal with hundreds of meters built-in led strip controlled by DMX Protocol. Signals to control the portal are generated by the server with Derivative TouchDesigner and are transmitted via the Artnet Protocol. The amount used of approximately 12,000 channels. This allows you to create a huge amount of light graphic prints and patterns.



Instead of the classic curtain laser curtain is used, consisting of 280 laser sources are perpendicular to each other and embedded in the ends of the perimeter of the portal. Each source is programmable using Derivative TouchDesigner, hence the variety of scenarios and drawings in its opening and closing.



Sound and set «Theatre of Russian song» multi-channel surround system. In the musical sound is a unique script that allows you to post the sound effects in the hall and in conjunction with stereoscopic image creates the effect of full immersion.

For quick setup localization is the TiMax2 Outboard equipment, the principle of which is based on the time delay of the channels. As the primary portal system is one of the best in the world — L-Acoustics K2. The amount of singing on stage artists up to 32 people, so that without the convenient digital console with lots of faders, Soundcraft Vi6 can not do.



To create tricks use the best equipment manufactured in the unique and Europe's only experimental production Association "Circus workshops". Modern cargo-human winch, complex suspensions, flying props, moving vertical platform, cable cars — these are just some of the technical devices, which create an unforgettable showiness of tricks.

Without the talented choreographers and performers of tricks of all this would be impossible. The stunt was to attract the best circus master Circus Association "Brothers Bastrigina". This co-production with Broadway. The Director from the American side was Daniel kutner.



All the gadgets, vehicles, clothing items and the prop weapon is designed specifically and individually. All objects created of plastic, glass, plaster, wood and metal. Laser cutting, vacuum forming plastic and molding is carried out on modern equipment. Machining center CNC redwood 1325c allows you to create a highly volumetric product on a pre-prepared program.

Thermoforming machine creates plastic products that subsequently can be assembled into complete large structures. The main "worker" to create gadgets is a 3D printer Projet System. It made the main parts of the costumes and weapons.

This Completes all the special transformer stage, where the developed drainage system was created by the real rain. This, of course, you have to see in person, and you will soon get the chance. 3D-the musical show #JUMAA will be held in «Theatre of Russian song», schedule . Better to see this symbiosis of theatre arts and modern technology....


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