Review Monster Clarity HD On-Ear: true wireless sound!


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Review Monster Clarity HD On-Ear: true wireless sound!

Bluetooth headphones — the thing on the fan for a number of reasons. They need to be recharged, they are usually slightly more expensive than wired, but the sound quality is slightly worse than that of peers. Why do we love them? The comfort of use the headphones without wires is so great that sometimes you can something and donate. Besides, every year manufacturers improve the sound quality of Bluetooth headphones. A future without wires — it is a reality, and now we all together go for it.

Today we continue to look into Bluetooth headphones on the example of such interesting devices like the Monster Clarity HD On-Ear. What company is known in the manufacture of Bluetooth headphone, as they say, "the dog ate". What will she surprise us this time?


Package contents

All Packed In the box without too much pathos — the earphones themselves, user manual and two cables, one is used for charging (micro-USB), another — analog audio cable if you want to connect Monster Clarity HD On-Ear wire. Otherwise, everything is no frills, no here you are "pouches" and the cloth to wipe the housing.

However, they are not needed — thanks to the foldable headband headphones easily transported without a bag or case.



Usually I try not to dwell on the appearance of headphones, paying special attention to the sound. In this case, we probably will do the same. Why? To be honest, the headphones do not give the impression of expensive headphones, except that only the Monster logo gives them the device of a famous brand. Although leather headband pleased, the rest can be described in one word — plastic.

But is it so bad? In General, the design of the Monster Clarity HD On-Ear versatile: with these headphones and can hoodie with jeans to wear, and important reception in a Tux to get ready. Like anything special, and look beautiful. Not too noticeable, and that is their plus.



The headphone boasts of having only one button. How to adjust the volume and answer the phones, you ask? On the right headphone shell is the touchpad, the existence of which can not even be aware until you open the manual — so well it's disguised. Touchpad enabled to save the device from the clutter of unnecessary buttons.

Sensitive is the area just above the sink, closer to the headband. It's called Swipe Panel and allows you to not only switch tracks but also adjust volume, answer calls and so on. Made all intuitive: for example, to change the volume, you either have to swapnote up (to increase) or down (decrease). Enable the next track? Simply touch the touchpad twice.

This method of control has its drawbacks — sometimes when you try to fix headphone sensor perceives this as an action, and gloves to handle him will be problematic. I used about a week, some may take more time.


Sound, sound and once again the sound

This is the strongest side headphones Monster Clarity HD On-Ear. First, we were met by the support of the codec aptX, which makes the sound balanced when listening to most genres of music. Stand out, of course, the bass: they are powerful, hoarse, and without distortion, perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the track, particularly if you listen to hip-hop. The midrange is clear and clean, but the high frequencies would not hurt to pull. Although the overall balance is not evident. Oh, that is in the ears.

Due to the connection via Bluetooth 4.0, which is characterized by lower power consumption headphones ways to stay in the mode of music playback 24 hours. The maximum rate on itself did not check, but I note that in standby mode the device well very pleased. The manufacturer claims work for 30 days and it seems to be true.


Instead of

In my opinion, Monster Clarity HD On-Ear — the perfect balance of price and quality. For the price, and it's almost 11 300 rubles, very decent headphones, which do sound more expensive counterparts. By saving on the use of wood and expensive leather of Python, the Monster managed to throw all the strength in the sound. And the result is really amazing. To by earphones possible : now there is, by the way, 15% discount on the promo code HINEWS2017CE for readers


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