Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, Under Armour, JBL made headphones


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It Is necessary to carefully approach the choice of headphones, if they have to play music during workouts. On our website we often talk about everything that is connected with good sound but to headphones for workouts absolutely other requirements. They should feel comfortable and not be afraid of sweat. This means that the experience they have Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed «Rock».

Actor Dwayne Johnson spends a lot of time in the gym and encourages such activity. He released , motivating everyone to stand and do exercises, and now a special headphone.

Of Course, Dwayne Johnson did not design the headphones. They were created by Under Armour in conjunction with JBL, the popular actor was involved in their testing. The model is called UA Sport Wireless Train Project Rock. It was two years in development in order to be able to withstand an intense workout.

Dwayne Johnson admitted that he prefers over-ear headphones. At the same time, no company could make headphones that would be suitable for his training. For this reason, he decided to make them myself.

The Idea is simple. Earbuds should fit snugly, not to subside, to be completely wireless, lightweight and is not afraid of moisture and sweat. Still it would be great if the process of cleaning will not be too time-consuming.

The result was a fairly compact headphone that is nothing to be afraid of and fit well. They have buttons and they are great to avoid the hassle of running during training.

A Distinctive feature of the Project Rock is a button in the form of a bull. After clicking on it music listen giving the opportunity to hear each other. It should be pressed if someone asked you.

The Headphones can work 16 hours on a single charge. In five minutes they can be charged for another hour. Included in them is the case, and it is included in the price. And are headphones $ 250. They go on sale this week.


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