Russian programmers have created alternative blockchain


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Russian programmers have created alternative blockchain

Startup MetaHash developed and launched technology TraceChain a decentralized distributed registry. Its creators note that the network bandwidth based on TraceChain much higher than that , — reports Cryptonomist with reference to ComNews.

«This is a more advanced version of the blockchain, which uses artificial intelligence AI TraceChain for fast signal transmission across a network and architecture that allows you to validate more than 50 thousand records per second with the check transactions to all nodes of the network» — explains PR-Manager MetaHash Olga Chekina.

In a modern block chain the transaction takes place on average for a few minutes, TraceChain almost all transactions «fly» in seconds. Developers report that conducted tests in which the throughput of a distributed network already amounted to 60-80 thousand transactions — this is comparable to the power of Visa or MasterCard.

For TraceChain does not require expensive supercomputers and any special technological solutions, therefore, can provide not only fast and inexpensive transactions, but will significantly save on electricity. To run the network is enough to rent a cheap server for $ 40 per month.

Development startup led for about five years, deliberately not using any of the investments, therefore, everything that the company has currently created its own means and efforts. Now the guys are preparing to host the ICO, after which developers will be paid the fees, and the project will become fully non-commercial.

Technology TraceChain can be applied when designing games, instant messengers and other applications, it is useful in decentralized exchanges, file storage and more. Public network testing is scheduled to start in April, so everyone can give it a try. Purse to work with the network will present concurrently with its launch.

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