Microsoft has published the program for carrying out crash tests of drones


2017-02-17 12:30:04




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Microsoft has published the program for carrying out crash tests of drones

The Simulator, the developers, Microsoft is now in beta version, but even so, it may help to conduct virtual crash test of a drone, an unmanned vehicle or a robot, writes Engadget.

"You need to make the drone was able to distinguish the shadow from the wall? Surely you would prefer to first test its program of machine learning, not killing a couple of hundred drones on the wall" — written by the developers of the application and propose to use the simulator's own hand they have created on the Unreal Engine.

Experts explain that not all those involved in the creation of artificial intelligence and robotics, have the time and ability to test their designs in person, as it is fraught with all sorts of unpleasant consequences: a drone or robot can not move as intended, the whole party will have to call back, the autopilot will not see the obstacle and react not as it was planned. In short, the examples are many.

Precisely in order that such cases were less Microsoft and developed on the Unreal Engine AirSim simulator that creates a virtual environment where the developer can specify the necessary parameters and to check it again. The program is able to simulate many parameters, including the physics of movement of the drones to simulate the rotation of the propellers and load realistic environment.

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