Of rubidium atoms collected the Eiffel tower, the möbius strip and other shapes


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The Scientists were able to build individual atoms of the element rubidium in a variety of three-dimensional shapes, including the Eiffel tower. For this they used the laser to keep the atoms, and the method is similar to holography to encode complicated arrangement. Movable laser "tweezers" moved the atoms that were in the wrong position. About their work, the researchers of Institut d'optique Graduate School in Palese, France, told the journal Nature.

In addition to the iconic Parisian tower, the scientists introduced the cone, torus and Mobius strip — a twisted ring with an unusual property: it has only one side. This method of arrangement of atoms can be useful for creating an atomic quantum computers that perform calculations by manipulating the interaction between single atoms.


what will be capable of quantum computers?

Most Likely, the first proposed quantum algorithms will be dedicated to security (e.g., cryptographic) or chemistry and modeling of materials. This problems that are fundamentally intractable for traditional computers. Nevertheless, there are lots of startups and groups of scientists working on machine learning and AI with the introduction of quantum computers, even theoretical. Given the time frame required to develop the AI, I'd be expecting traditional chips, optimized specifically for algorithms AI, which, in turn, will influence the development of a quantum chip. In any case, the AI will definitely get a boost from quantum computing.

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