How much data can our brain hold?


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How much data can our brain hold?

It's No secret that most people don't use all of their brain capacity. To debunk the myth of 10% will not, but it is obvious that the possibilities of the human brain go far beyond the limits of accepted norms. How much data are in it to put?

The Latest discoveries of scientists from the Institute of biological research Salk tell us that the memory of our brain is 10 times more than previously thought. If you give specific numerical values, it is about one petabyte (1,000 terabytes). A couple of years ago in this volume, subjectively evaluated the entire Internet.


As scientists came to this conclusion

To calculate the "capacity" of the human brain, they studied the hippocampal tissue of rats and reconstructed it in 3D to study the memory center of the brain. In the process it was discovered that the synapses of the brain can change size, which affects memory. In addition, 10% of all cases, synapses were duplicated.

According to the results of this study, the researchers came to the conclusion that there are at least 26 categories of synapses, rather than several, as previously thought. Thus connections between neurons become much more difficult — this results in a significant increase possible memory capacity of the brain.

Of Course, most of the information is not stored in the brain — he is the only receiver, transmitter and processor threads, just help the synapses (connections between neurons). The latter is not taken out of nowhere: they need to create, what is help different brain training. Science has proven that man that makes your brain work, able to create new synapses throughout life.


How to learn how to create synapses

One of the best ways brain training are simple exercises that simultaneously hit on all fronts: memory, attention and thinking. We are impressed by the approach of online brain training which not only develops cognitive abilities to a certain level, as the majority of those games, and it trains the brain, so that he could create synapses without assistance.

To see the result, it is enough to do just 15 minutes a day — will agree, is quite a bit, and you can allocate this time for self-improvement. Exercises are presented in the form of a game — so the class is not bored after a few days, and the lure so that it is not necessary once again to set myself a reminder — get training like myself.

The training starts with a test of your skills — before this, you will ask what skills you want to develop. A small introductory test will help you choose an individual program of brain training, no wonder the creators of "Vitium" was based on research in the field of neuropsychology.

Each training session lasts approximately 15 minutes and consists of warm-UPS and basic exercises that allows you to simultaneously train not only the memory, which we discussed in the beginning, but also thinking and attention.


to teach languages

Yes, to build on these skills and on the linguistic field. To do this, the scientific Department of the "Vicim" found that there is a direct relationship between cognitive abilities and intellect processes. Based on these studies we developed three unique simulator for effective learning of foreign languages (including the study of the native language).

A New service called "Vicium.POLYGLOT" and includes three new unique simulator and a special configuration of the program development — "Writer", "Journalist" and "Master of words". They, in turn, train perception, vocabulary, verbal logic and more. This approach is radically different from all other linguistic techniques — I advise you to try.


the road to the synapses!

helps to develop cognitive ability and effectively learn new languages. The main feature of the service — the fact that exercise is enough to spend only 15 minutes a day and healthy will find people of any age (no wonder the number of users "Vitium" recently surpassed 2 million people). Part of the workouts and exercises available for free for access to the advanced features it is better to get a premium account. If you have a goal to learn the language, you can separately buy the course "Vicium.POLYGLOT". Help your synapses, and soon they will tell you the same.

Begin to train the brain


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