Presented a brain implant that improves memory by 30%


2017-11-15 19:00:05




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Presented a brain implant that improves memory by 30%

Ways to improve memory at the moment there are many but they all related to the rather monotonous process of training the brain. At the same time after time, attempts are being made to improve the functioning of the brain using electrical stimulation or install implants that extend human capabilities. And according to the publication New Scientist, the experts from the University of southern California managed to create an implant that improves memory by 30%.

The Device is connected with the hippocampus of the brain using multiple electrodes. That is the hippocampus plays an important role in learning and storage of information. The implant also mimics the way we process memories. In addition, already passed the first test of the device. A group of 20 volunteers invited to take a test to remember: first, participants were shown a series of images of different blood stains, which they had to describe in 5-10 seconds. In the second phase of testing has revealed several more images, and the condition remains the same: describe them after 5-10 seconds, only this time the brain is stimulated by the implant. During the tests, scientists analyzed the neurons in the brain of the subjects to determine which areas of the brain are activated to process memories.

As a result, almost all participants of the experiment after the connection of the implant on average remembered one-third more images than in the moment when the implant was switched off. Scientists hope that in the future, such chips can be used to help people with memory disorders. In addition, similar technology can create implants to stimulate visual, motor or auditory centers of the brain.


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