#video | the Company Boston Dynamics have trained your robot "parkour"


2018-10-12 12:45:07




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Two years ago, the Boston Dynamics company has introduced a new generation of its two-legged humanoid robot Atlas. The updated version was the ability to walk on uneven surfaces, hop on one foot and even own up in the event of a fall. Furthermore, the robot learned to navigate in space, to identify various objects and interact with them. Recently the car has received a new update, and now its capabilities are impressive even stronger.

Experts from Boston Dynamics have trained Atlas some semblance of parkour. Now the robot can not only run, but also jump on the move obstacles and even run to ubiratsya on the hill. Bot got sufficient computing power to simultaneously use their hands, feet and body to balance their movements, as well as a wide and high (40 cm) steps. For orientation and further movement of the machine uses computer vision.

Speaking from the perspective of such robots may one day be used in a variety of emergencies, for example, to save people from the rubble and transfer them to a safer place. At the same time, it seems that in the future will be able to find other areas of use. More than a year ago the company Boston Dynamics have Alphabet bought the Japanese company Softbank, and it seems that the latter has plans beyond release another hit video for YouTube, as it was with previous owners.

To Discuss new features of the robot Atlas .


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