Passengers on the Tokyo metro will help robots


2018-10-03 20:45:07




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No doubt, sooner or later robots will take any place in our society. Now going through the development of drones that could help people in the warehouses, in the production of various parts and so on. Successfully tested self-driving trucks and cars, and in some cities the service has even taken up robots to help police and law enforcement. And that very soon robotic mechanisms will master a new profession – they will help passengers of the Tokyo subway.

According to the publication NHK World-Japan, the first roborovski will act as a "help Desk", providing information about the subway stations, pointing the way to the desired place, explaining how to get to a particular part of the city and how long it will take time and other useful information. In addition, robots will be able to inform the person about the infrastructure inside the metro, explaining where the bathrooms, exits from the subway and other points of interest. But that's not all. Also the robots will follow the procedure within the stations and passengers, collecting all information and transmitting it to the appropriate service for the prevention of disorder and improve the movement of people in the subway.

The robot similar to a conventional information terminal (or ATM) height of about 1.5 meters and has built-in speakers and microphone, as well as the screen to display the required information. The robot is able to move using the wheel located at the bottom of the machine. At stage 1 of the experiment (which will last 3 months starting from the beginning of November 2018) robots will work on 6 metro stations. After the experiment, conclusions will be drawn about whether it is appropriate to continue to equip the station with robotic assistants or project to be rolled.

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