In Sweden attempts to create electronic copies of dead people


2018-02-23 19:00:04




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The Idea of transferring human consciousness into the computer active science fiction writers and Directors of science fiction films for many years. However, to this day no one managed to implement it in reality. But this does not mean that no one else wanted, seeking to become pioneers in this field. The management of a large network of Swedish funeral homes "Phoenix" has set itself an ambitious goal: try to create as believable an electronic copy of the dead people.

"it All started with the fact that our experts have created a special program that mimic the human voice that answers the questions of our clients regarding the organization of the funeral. It was then that we came up with the idea that this technology can be developed further. We decided to change her so that she became able to imitate the voices of dead people. And after that we decided that you can try to create at least a partial electronic copy of the deceased person" — explains the Director of the network of funeral homes Charlotte Runion.

The First phase of the project will be an imitation of the voice of a deceased person, as well as the integration of the voice with artificial intelligence, able to answer the simplest questions asked him. Subsequently, however, the guidance of the Bureau plan to launch development and production of robots that will most resemble the dead. Of course, all this is hard to believe, and yet similar project just a way efficient and inexpensive self-promotion. But what the hell? Suddenly the Swedes do get something out of this seemingly impossible ideas?

At the moment the company is looking for volunteers who agree to participate in the project and will allow you to record your voice for later digitization. Based on the success of this experiment, the management office will make the decision on whether to proceed to the next stage of the project or whether to abandon the idea as from hopeless. Even if the Swedes in the end nothing happens, one day, even after decades or even centuries, something similar must happen. And our descendants will live in a world similar to that which was shown in the sci-Fi television series "a Modified carbon".


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