In the artificial brain was able to grow blood vessels


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In the artificial brain was able to grow blood vessels

Researchers at brown University located in Providence, United States created laboratory , which is then able to grow a network of blood vessels. Now they hope that with the help of this achievement will be better able to study many processes in the human body.

Experts expect the resulting layout to study some diseases, including strokes and concussions, although at the moment the artificial brain vessels there are problems: the network of vessels of this brain is much denser, and at the laboratory of the brain inside the blood vessels, no blood. However, due to the fact that it can be more realistic, many studies conducted it will be even more effective.

«It's great that we were able to raise our test sample of blood vessels — said Diane Hoffman-Kim, associate Professor of medical science and technology — after all, they are present in the brain, so we expect that we will be able to learn more, thanks to our artificial sample».

The mini-brain, scientists have developed more in 2015. Despite the fact that it is structurally far simpler present, it is fairly easy and inexpensive to manufacture.


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