Scientists speculated that the asteroid Omwamwi sent aliens


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Scientists speculated that the asteroid Omwamwi sent aliens

Scientists at Harvard University have suggested that a mysterious cigar-shaped object, having visited our Solar system in the past year, could be an alien space ship, sent on a reconnaissance of the Earth. The object, dubbed Omwamwi, which translated from Hawaiian means "messenger from the distant past", was first discovered by Hawaiian telescope Pan-STARRS 1 in October 2017.

Since the discovery, scientists around the world tried to explain its unusual characteristics and nature, calling the first a comet, then an asteroid. But these findings were discordant, two of the researchers, who published their assumption about the nature Omwamwi.

In an article published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters, two astrophysicists and Garvardskogo University endure the assumption that the object Omwamwi moving at a speed of more than 315 000 kilometres per hour may be a solar sail or even sent to Earth the alien probe.

"Omwamwi can be a full probe is deliberately sent to Earth by an alien civilization, — the researchers write.

The Assumption of scientists is based on observations which showed that the object has "more acceleration", the exact source of which is not yet installed. Originally Omwamwi was considered a comet. However, such a classification of the object was quickly abandoned because the object was not observed coma (envelope of gas evaporating under the sunlight of the ice, typical for comets). In the end, it reclassified in an asteroid.

"Given the possibility of artificial origin, Omwamwi can be a light sailing vessel, drifting in interstellar space as the remains of advanced technological equipment".

By the Authors that are bordering on the fantastic explanation of the nature of the mysterious object, are Professor of astronomy, Harvard University Abraham Loeb and doctoral student Shmuel and Bialyi of the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics. Scientists point to the fact that the technology of the light sails of humanity are already available. The same technology may have an alien civilization.

"the Light sails, with the same dimensions is designed and assembled by our own civilization, including the IKAROS project (Japanese spacecraft) and the project Starshot (research and engineering project to develop the concept of a fleet of interstellar spaceships that use light sail). Technology the light sails may be actively used for the transport of goods between planets or stars."

High speed object and its trajectory have prompted some researchers to the assumption that it is broken or is in an inactive state.

"That would explain various anomalies Omwamwi, for example, its unusual geometry, the parameters of which were derived from data on its light curve, low thermal emission, which indicates a high reflex ability, and the deviation from the Keplerian orbit without any apparent reason – the object is not cometary tail, and the desired rotational moment."

According to another hypothesis, put forward by Loeb, in the Solar system to penetrate other similar Omwamwi objects, some of which can carry life.

"the Possibility of galactic panspermia is strongly dependent on the lifetime of the alleged organisms, and the speed of the carrier", — he said in an article published jointly with another researcher, Manasvi the Lingam, in the journal the Astronomical Journal.

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