That feel dog? Can they survive in reality?


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If you live with a dog, you probably know when she was happy or sad, isn't it? Of course, you know. Even the scientific community recognizes that dogs have emotions — though scientists can't directly see what worried dog. For centuries people are in close contact with dogs. In 1764, Voltaire remarked: "it Seems that nature has given the dog to man for his defense and for his pleasure. Of all the animals she is the most loyal: this is the best friend who can be a person".

Research showed again and again the positive impact of dogs in my life. A study of 975 dog owners showed that during periods of emotional distress most people more likely to turn to their dogs than to their mothers, fathers, brothers, best friends or children.


the Dog — man's best friend. And the person the dog is a friend?

Not surprisingly, dogs other animals often used to treat. Our barking friends often become the participants of the various programs mental-health — offer communication, happy associations and selfless love.

In the UK in the "Dogs as therapy" (Pets As Therapy, PAT) more than 5,000 active dogs who meet 130 000 people a week. The US also has a similar program, which recognizes six national organizations involved in health encounters with dogs.


Dog treat

It is believed that therapy with dogs first invented accidentally by Sigmund Freud. During his psychotherapy in the 1930-ies in his office was the Chow Chow, Jofi. Freud noticed that patients feel more rasslablenie and was more open in the presence of Gopi, and he took it on Board.

But the official initiation of therapy using animals commonly associated with the times of the Second world war when a Yorkshire Terrier named smoky accompanied corporal William Lynn when visiting service hospitals in New Guinea. The presence of a dog raises the morale of wounded soldiers.

Despite all this, only in the 1960-ies there were the first documented cases of dogs working as assistants of doctors. American psychotherapist Boris Levinson drove a dog Jingles and added a "new dimension of child psychotherapy." Despite the indignation of colleagues, Levinson defended the use of dogs for therapeutic purposes.


That feel dogs

Although dogs are definitely good understand us, we understand them not always. Classic example — when the house is a little "incident", and dog owners think that their Pets feel guilty. But the dog thus expresses a purely submissive and as if trying to say "don't hit me."

Very difficult to convince yourself that a dog's brain does not understand the concept of "good" and "bad" — and without this understanding it is impossible to feel guilty. Dog that looks guilty, just afraid of your reaction to the situation, starting only from past experience.

Some of the major difficulties that remain between dogs and their owners, caused by the inability of people to correctly read the body language of your pet. Combine that with the fact that people believe that dogs understand abstract concepts and can talk about complex logic chains, and the problem is obvious.


Dog hormones

Another way to understand that animals feel is to look at their hormonal environment. Studies have shown that when dogs are stroking their owners, they have increased the level of oxytocin. Among other functions, this hormone is believed to be able to relax. It helps to strengthen the bond between mother and child and between a pet and its owner.

Therefore, while we can't know exactly how it feels to the dog during pleasant activities, it seems reasonable that oxytocin evokes feelings in dogs, similar to human — and it suggests that dogs have feelings of affection and attraction to their owners.

Similarly, dogs who are in unpleasant circumstances, demonstrate elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol. One of the things that cause this stress reaction is prolonged loneliness. Dogs — animals with a herd instinct, which need company. A lonely dog is rarely fun — and it must take into account all the dog owners planning their lives.

Everything points to the fact that dogs and human beings are created to live and work together — and both parts of that equation are happy. Therefore, understanding the emotional state of each of them is vital. Even if dogs and people are not quite understand each other, it seems obvious that each of these types can not be without the other, so we have to help each other be happier and healthier.

Believe that dogs understand you? Tell us in our


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