Hypothetical "Ninth planet" can be an accumulation of small objects


2018-06-06 12:00:07




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On the edge of the Solar system can be another methadonemaintenance planet. At least this suggestion walks among astronomers. This is indicated by the strange behavior of some TRANS-Neptunian objects that are not moving the way it does most of the planets of the system, as well as the bulk of asteroids, comets and other objects. Something makes these body to change its trajectory. But what?

About the possible discovery beyond the orbit of Pluto's largest celestial body, scientists said in mid-January 2016. A hypothetical object revolves around the Sun in an elongated path (in inclined relative to Earth's orbit plane) with a period of 15 thousand years, and physico-chemical properties reminiscent of Neptune.

Of Course, the probability of the presence of another object the size of a planet inside our Solar system could not be of interest to scientists. According to the latter, the ninth planet (no, it's not about Pluto) can be several times larger and denser than Earth. But not everyone agrees with the view that we are talking about the planet.

According to the findings of a new study, some peculiarities of behavior of part of the TRANS-Neptunian objects could be explained without the presence of the mysterious planet. Paper presented at the 232-th annual meeting of the American astronomical society, disproves the possibility of the existence of the "Ninth planet", but at the same time suggests that uncharacteristic behavior of objects within the system could be explained by the presence of a large number of compact cosmic bodies moving group.

Informed criticism of the hypothesis of "the Ninth planet" claimed that no massive body on the edge of the Solar system and observations of the unusual orbits of some objects can be explained by inaccuracy of calculations or some other random factor.

The New study does not directly support the supporters of the hypothesis of the existence of the "Ninth planet", but at the same time and it does not support the skeptics. According to researchers at the University of Colorado, most of the models used for tracking thousands of TRANS-Neptunian objects, to reduce the necessary computing power do not consider a lot of these objects. In other words, all these models represent a simplified picture of the real situation relating to these objects and their interactions between themselves and other more remote objects. And because these objects are not influenced by the gravity of Neptune (because they are called TRANS-Neptunian because they are located outside its orbit), due to its own gravity they can form clusters.

According to scientists, the presence of such clusters could explain some (but not all) of astronomical phenomena that are attributed to a hypothetical "Ninth planet". For example, this theory can not explain the peculiarity of the inclination of the orbit of objects that fall under the influence. If "the Ninth planet" really existed, then this feature would have an explanation. However, the accumulation of objects will not be of sufficient gravity as to affect them.

According to another hypothesis, the isolation of the orbits of some TRANS-Neptunian objects could be explained by the asteroid collision, and not the gravitational influence of a hypothetical ninth planet.



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