Russia has developed a cure for drug addiction


2017-01-31 13:30:05




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Russia has developed a cure for drug addiction

In Russia it is registered more than 600 thousand people who use drugs. Such data results the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. Fcds other data, and they, alas, are not encouraging: according to the Federal service Russian Federation on control over drug trafficking, the number of people regularly taking a banned substance, ranges from four to seven million people. How to cure a drug addict? Substitution therapy is not always good, so, Russian scientists started to invent new methods. The result was they developed a molecule that blocks the pleasure from narcotics, reports TASS with reference to the publication «news».

Replacement therapy — a popular method of treatment in which hard drugs are replaced by more light, but in Russia, this method is prohibited, so the patient is first injected drugs, then used the drug naltrexone, used in psychotherapy and various other ways to deliverance of a person from addiction.

«Existing medicines cure only 10-30% of drug addicts and have many side effects, told «news» the development team leader, head of laboratory, Institute of physiologically active compounds RAS Marina Myagkova. Our medication for relapse prevention that the person after detoxification started to use drugs again. If it is not to experience pleasure, he will refuse the drug».

Now experts are preparing for preclinical trials of the drug, then, if they are successful, they plan to begin testing on humans. A new Russian drug, according to scientists, could be on sale by 2023.

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