Black humor is a sign of person with high level of intelligence


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Black humor is a sign of person with high level of intelligence

If you like , then most likely you are a person with a high level of intelligence. At least so say experts of medical University of Vienna, who in their recent study established a direct link between the response test subjects for black humor and level of intelligence. The results of an unusual experiment was published in the journal , where to find them now can anyone.

First, let's define: what is this "black humor"? Historically, this form of humor is closely connected with cynicism, making comical jokes most often achieved by the ridicule of death, violence and other dark themes. The term of French origin, in his native country this humor was referred to as "humour noir". The first "black jokes" were recorded in the nineteenth century, however, the wide spread kind of humor found only in the middle of the twentieth century.

The study involved 156 adult men and women. The average age of the subjects was 33 years, while the education level of all subjects was different. Scientists were asked to evaluate people 12 comics authored by German artist Uli Stein, dealing with death, illness, injury, and other characteristic black humor topics. Each subject had to rate this joke to tell the researchers how difficult it was to understand it, to measure its level of vulgarity and so on.

The results of the study revealed a very interesting trend. It turned out that lovers of black humor , less aggressive and more emotionally stable than the people who black humor do not understand or appreciate. The researchers say that any humor is a two-step process of solving problems, is directly linked with the level of human intelligence, as well as some cognitive and emotional aspects. Those subjects that the jokes are not liked, showed a lower level of intelligence and increased aggression. Scientists believe that aggression and bad temper lead to a decrease in the amount of the pleasure derived from the dark jokes.


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