Scientists have found that married people happier than unmarried


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Scientists have found that married people happier than unmarried

Hardly a debate about what is better — family life and a huge responsibility, or complete freedom from such obligations and proud loneliness, makes sense. However, against the facts do not trample. Whether marriage makes our lives better? Scientists from Canada think so. They examined the results of social surveys 370 000 people in the UK and came to the conclusion that married the British sincerely believe themselves much more than people who are completely free from family relationships.

Of Course, not always the family is the key to happiness. Exceptions do happen when people do not get along with each other. This simple rule of life. However, couples who took part in the poll, really admitted that they feel happy next to your spouse. In most cases, they attribute this to the fact that their mate have become some of the best and most loyal friend. And with such a man can be happy till the old age. Scientists believe that similar life satisfaction due to the fact that next to a family man there's always one on whom you can rely absolutely everything.

Usually this is true even for those people who are not married but live together. Study author John Helliwell believes that feeling is enhanced not only in adolescence or during the "honeymoon", but in many ways it develops during the whole life together of two people. In addition, Helliwell emphasizes that marriage can significantly ease the crisis of middle age, which for some people is very painful. The constant presence of a faithful friend, which is connected with your life, nullifies the negative effects of virtually any crisis and helps with minimal losses to overcome it.

What is most surprising, experts came to the conclusion that married men are more satisfied with life than single, despite the fact that over time the positive effect of marriage is reduced, and the passion sometimes transformirovalsya mutual respect for each other. The researchers also noticed another interesting correlation: the people who are more satisfied with their lives are more likely to find happiness in marriage. The research results were published in the publication .


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