Are you afraid of aliens? And scientists – no


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Are you afraid of aliens? And scientists – no

Imagine what it would be like to meet intelligent aliens who found us and came to Earth. Just remember the movie "independence Day" and other, cheap, but exciting fighters with big-headed aliens, similar to humans. Regardless of, they enslave us, destroy or consume, we have always considered and will consider them as hostile, selfish and indifferent to the fate and suffering of humanity. Many people are afraid of such outcome of the meeting, among them Elon Musk, David Brin and Stephen Hawking. But so far there is no indication that aliens might be hostile towards us. In General, if they exist, hiding our presence from them may be the worst decision on the part of mankind.

If aliens do exist, hiding in our minds and curiosity from them will only harm us and will not prevent detection

There are three possible scenarios concerning reasonable exploring space aliens, if they exist:

  • Or they will not be interested to make contact with other intelligent species
  • the
  • Or their interests and intentions are friendly or friendly
  • the
  • Or their interests and intentions are openly hostile

The First scenario seems the least likely. What could be the cause of space exploration, if you're not interested in making contact with other species? Anyway, if they are not interested they will not come here.


The Second possibility is a bit more intriguing. Imagine traveling the friendly kind of aliens like the Vulcans from "star Trek". If they figured out how to successfully overcome the distances between the stars means they have technology that is hundreds of years ahead of our own, and there may be thousands or tens of thousands. Our world has enough problems – we're trying to master my own planet, and we have the resources of the whole world, Solar system and large-giving energy of the Sun. If the species that visit Earth, will be reasonable and friendly, he can find solutions for problems that people have only begun to fight. Meeting with such a civilization will be us only good.

Our fear of aliens and their possible hostility toward us the wrong forms an idea about them

And the third scenario is the source of all our fears. It combines statements Brin, Peter watts and Hawking

"the Worst mistake of first contact, which was celebrated throughout the history of different personalities on both sides of each new confrontation was a bad habit of making assumptions. Often it was fatal." — David Brin

"...if the best toys suddenly find yourself in the hands of those who always remember that life is a war against intelligent opponents, what to talk about race cars which travel between the stars?". — Peter watts

"If aliens visit us, the outcome may be the same as when Columbus landed in America, which is not very well turned out for native Americans. It is enough for us to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might become something we would not like to face." — Stephen Hawking

Of Course, if you look at our own behavior, we have every reason to fear the aliens. If they look like us, with a history of disregard for life, societies and civilizations that differ from our own, our concerns are legitimate. Regardless of what they want from us – our planet, our natural resources, our oxygen, our minds – it is highly likely that we will not be able to protect themselves from what may be their best superior to our technologies. If they are hostile to or indifferent to our lives, but are interested in something that exists in our world, there may be no way to escape from them. It will be the death of humanity.

This scenario scares many of us. But is it based on reality, is there even one valid reason not to send our messages, spacecraft, and information to other stars? Of course not. Just imagine the possibilities. If the aliens needed natural resources, rare items, they would be better to visit the planet of these elements; there is no reason to fly it to the Ground. If they needed molecular oxygen, they probably would have been astronomical technology to search for molecular signatures in the atmospheres of exoplanets. On the Ground she was already in the 21st century. In fact, if they are at all interested in inhabited worlds and if their goal was their destruction, they could use techniques and technologies that we have provided and can identify in advance.

As the reflected sunlight on the planet and absorbed the solar light passing through the atmosphere, provide two ways of measuring atmospheric concentrations and surface properties of distant worlds

If someone really was interested in finding Land because of its physical or biological properties, he could do it remotely. Moreover, to observe remotely is much easier than sending a space ship through the cosmos; if they can do the latter, undoubtedly the first. We are looking for planets, learning how to measure their properties, trying to understand how to look at them, the necessary elements, atmospheric content and so on. If intelligent aliens exist, their skills and knowledge of astronomy needs far exceed our own.

In Other words, if you are looking for a world to gather resources, and Land – what you need, you will find us even if we hide. Any message that says that "we are here", will serve as old news to all who seek us for any reason other than wanting to make contact with another intelligent, conscious, and technologically advanced. If a different look is not interested in intelligent life in the Universe, he did not respond. Why?

the southern part of the milky Way as it is seen by ALMA, illustrates one way of search for signals from intelligent aliens in the air. If we found a signal or passed it, and then received the answer, that would be one of the greatest achievements in the history of our planet

There are many questions to which we seek answers; some questions we are only beginning to ask. And yet, to survive in the long space journey, any alien race were to answer these, and many others. So Ethan Siegel with asks two biggest, in his opinion, the issue related to our problems:


    We evolved to be selfish guardians, always hungry for more and to expand the horizons and limits of resources. How have you overcome the limitations of its evolution? the

  • Resources available on our planet are limited, and almost impossible to imagine survival without a source of energy for long periods of time. But you could. How did you satisfy their energy needs?

The Possible benefits to mankind when contact is immeasurable. This is how to get great galactic teachers, developed over thousands of years to come. It would be the most incredible cultural exchange in the history of the Earth. But our fears that we devour, lead to the fact that we avoid the greatest space achievements, which ever mankind has dreamed. They are not backed by logic, science or causation. Fortunately, our fears should not control our destinies. Minds have.



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