The US plans to go to the moon in 2020


2017-02-15 17:00:05




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The US plans to go to the moon in 2020

Plans related to the exploration of the moon, in the United States are being hatched for a long time, a few years ago such proposals were received from senators and politicians. Then priorities shifted to Mars, which is up close and engaged experts at the American space Agency. However, the new administration of U.S. President advised NASA to begin development of a plan associated with research and development of the moon.

Politico, referring to the available documents, that the government has proposed to NASA to do lunar exploration and research involvement of the private sector. This approach will help to create new jobs and industries, and to fly to the moon is much closer than Mars, and this means that prospects of development of the natural satellite of the Earth see each other much clearer and more convincing. Politicians believe that it is necessary to attract new companies to the exploration of space, since not all developments are created in NASA, but the funding, in addition to agencies get only a few, and the money in this area revolve are just insane.

It is Expected that within three years private spacecraft and the astronauts will begin making regular flights to the moon, and NASA will be engaged in the economic development space, the company will begin to develop private space stations, and moon Rovers that belong to private companies, will be able to retake portions of the surface for their masters.


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