Created one of the most accurate models of the artificial kidney


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Created one of the most accurate models of the artificial kidney

Before you get to market, any pharmaceutical drug must pass a series of checks on both the efficacy and presence of side effects, which can be extremely unpleasant for the internal organs of our body. As well as any illness before adequate treatment, should be studied from its risk factors to the influence on human bodies. Typically, these surveys involve the participation of laboratory animals and volunteers among the people. But, according to the edition of ScienceDaily, scientists from Binghamton University (NY) recently created a model of the artificial kidney, which aims to facilitate the treatment and diagnosis of various diseases and pharmaceutical research.

Multi-Layered model of a kidney will allow to study and simulate various situations which occur in the human body and are found in the medical practice. The authors are research Professor Gretchen Mahler and bioengineer Courtney Sakalis. They created the first model that mimics the process of glomerular filtration — one of the main functions of this body. This achievement is a great opportunity to test the interaction of drugs with cells and tissues of the kidney, and to study the effects of different pathogens and risk factors for the development of renal disease. In addition, such models can be used as an alternative to animal testing in the preclinical stage of the study drugs. Says Courtney Sakalis

«We have managed to create the most complex dynamic system simulating apparatus renal filtration. During testing it was found that the interaction of our platform with various toxins is very much close to what is happening in the body. In addition, the interaction is much more accurate than most available today, like artificial organs».

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