Biologists continue to explore the process of cellular resurrection


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Biologists continue to explore the process of cellular resurrection

Despite the fact that modern science is powerless against the death of the cells of a living organism, some researchers are optimistic about the future and even suggest that one day mankind will be available to a kind of "cellular resuscitation", is able to restore dead cells. Opened in 2012, the mysterious process of the resurrection of the dilapidated cells, called "anastaza" ("resurrection" — gr.), can open to scientists incredible prospects.

Living cells are killed thanks to a special mechanism called "apoptosis". A living organism every day gets rid of damaged or outdated lifespan of cells, dividing them into separate components, which in the end accrue to the cells-scavengers – macrophages. Apoptosis is a programmed algorithm of cell death and consists of several successive stages. First collapse nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, then crumble the peptide bonds between amino acids, and eventually dissolved protein molecules. Science believed that after the completion of these processes back to the cell.

In 2012, scientists from California state University did . It turned out that the cells are exposed to strong radiation or exposure to harmful chemicals that under normal conditions, causing inevitable apoptosis, showed the wonders of vitality. They began to happen quite incredible processes that allowed the cells to recover, despite strong DNA damage. This phenomenon was called anastaso. Moreover, the characteristic Anastas was not only for laboratory Drosophila but also in mammals.

The Researchers carefully studied yet not well understood process of Anastase and ready for publication , reveal some of the mysteries of this phenomenon. It turned out that this process is a very old evolutionary mechanism that helps to maintain the body's most important cells, like neurons or heart muscle cells. Anastas occurs in two stages: first, cells in which apoptosis is already running, begin training for the division, and then their daughter cells begin the migration process.

Scientists suspect that it is Anastas may explain the recurrence of cancer after undergoing chemotherapy patients, as this process could save some cancer cells from death. The study of anastaza will allow modern medicine to eliminate such cases and increase the percentage of successfully cured cancer patients. But, as you already know, this process not only oncologists, but also biologists who albeit just a little bit longer, but closer to the understanding of the "immortality" that humanity is dreaming for centuries.

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