Almost all new power plants of Europe get their energy from renewable sources


2017-02-13 15:00:05




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Almost all new power plants of Europe get their energy from renewable sources

Last year, the state of the European Union has a bunch of new power plants, with almost all of the produced energy comes from renewable sources. According to the data provided by the Association , 21 of 24 GWh of energy produced introduced in 2016 in a system of power plants, accounts for solar and wind energy.

With more than half of the total new stations generated electricity accounts for wind farms — in total, they produce about 12.5 GW of energy. Among the skeptics accepted that wind farms should be built near the sea. It is believed that otherwise, the wind farms does not justify itself, but of all the turbines erected last year, on the coastal account for only about 10 percent of the total.

As part of the introduction of the «» power plants continues to lead the UK. The government last year began implementing a program in which coal-fired power plant in the near future will be closed or converted to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Goal — over time reduce harmful emissions to zero.


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