Under the glaciers of Alaska discovered ancient pyramid


2017-02-09 21:00:04




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Under the glaciers of Alaska discovered ancient pyramid

Global warming is undoubtedly a considerable danger to our planet. But there is this phenomenon another, more positive side. Due to the melting of glaciers, researchers had the unique opportunity to see under the ice, ancient pyramid.

It is Worth noting that the first pyramid was discovered a few weeks ago, but was then only visible part, the tip of an ancient pyramid. Further studies of the samples showed that they are man-made origin, not natural, as thought initially. Geologists and archaeologists have noted that in laying the stones there is a special care and styling herself similar to that inherent in the Egyptian pyramids.

the pyramid from one of the reconnaissance drones

The principle of guidance and construction is also similar to the Egyptian. The exact age of the buildings until the install failed, but experts hope that a deeper analysis will help to establish the time of building the pyramids. Experts also note that, according to preliminary data, found the pyramid may be one of the biggest in the world: in design it is similar to the pyramids located in Giza.

By the Way, among the indigenous peoples of Alaska there is a legend that describes "the pyramid in the ice" in which the imprisoned evil spirit, Kustak. Perhaps the ancient peoples were aware of the presence of this structure, and in allegorical form the mention of its existence reached our days.


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