What modern gadgets can be used for earnings


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What modern gadgets can be used for earnings

Over the past few years in the world, a large number of new gadgets, the existence of which had previously only dream of. Most often, modern technological devices are used for entertainment purposes, but particularly enterprising were able to turn some of the gadgets in the means of income. About such devices today, and will be discussed.

For Example, the quadrocopter can be used not only for racing or entertainment, but also to implement outbound custom shooting. It can be weddings, social events and even car racing. The best option would be here : 4 powerful motor, a maximum horizontal speed of 3 meters per second, convenient control from your mobile device using the app and the ability to shoot in 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Of Course you can do a simpler version (sort of ), which, however, will remove videos already in 640 x 480 resolution, but it is 10 times cheaper. Cheap quadcopter to learn how to manage such a device. Well, if you are confident, go for : he speeds up to 20 meters per second and shoots video in a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

Over the past few years, many had made a fortune on the businesses associated with 3D printing. In fact, PLA and ABS plastic are not very much, but for the result you can set any price I want (within reason). Here the main thing — to acquire high-quality 3D-printer. Widespread device from CACTUS: so, for example, print a layerwise direction of the plastic strands through the extruder (FDM), and comes fully finished. All that is required is to connect the printer to the computer and install the cartridge. Most importantly — don't forget . And we can accept orders!

Another good investment — a good graphics tablet. Graphic designers have several years of high demand in the labour market. Therefore, pay them are many people take on freelance projects, having at hand only a computer and is remove. One of the leaders in this direction, of course, is Wacom with their and . Even if you draw only with pencil on paper, with this gadget you will be able to find a common language. And the price of such a device directly depends on its workspace.

Powerful graphics cards in recent times, there are quite profitable purpose. Than to build a gaming computer, it is better to join the world of cryptocurrencies, because one is enough for that graphics card like or . And if to collect a set of 4-6 of these cards, you can become a real miner. Yes, the payback of such investments is always put into question, and the course of the same bitcoin is now falling, but if you remember how he made the jump, the chances of growth are very likely.

Well, the most simple, perhaps — and to do photography professionally. Yes, at first will fill the hand, and sometimes have to work for free for her portfolio, but then be able to take large orders. For one photo shoot, a good photographer can earn tens of thousands of rubles. Most importantly — with the growth of income is not to forget to invest in new equipment, because it essentially becomes your bread.

As you can see, the device which seemingly created for entertainment, the proper approach can turn into a source of profit. Is wanted!


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