What budget headphones?


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What budget headphones?

Wireless headphones have become very popular lately. Your contribution here has clearly made Apple and other manufacturers try not to lag behind, offering a more affordable device (which sometimes sound even better than the famous competitor). Today — on some models of wireless headphones (and not only) which have the optimum ratio of price and quality.

If you are looking affordable headphone that could perform the role of the headset, the optimal choice — . In-ear headphones provide a decent sound, inline remote to control playback, and with high-quality microphone the interlocutor will hear you even in noisy place. Included are interchangeable ear cushions and proprietary charging cable. Well, we should not forget that it is JBL, and they certainly appreciate good sound know. In 1 790 rubles, this is a really interesting option.

is already more expensive, but here have the premium model with aluminum headphone enclosure and special clips through the ear. Improved emitters give a very good sound, and a set of ear cushions included, allows to adjust the earpiece to your ear, which is very convenient. Besides holding the charge very long when used daily in commuting to work and back will be enough for 4 days, and that if you listen to music at maximum volume.

But not only JBL is able to offer a high-quality wireless sound. not only protected from moisture and sweat, but can work up to 7 hours of battery life and operating range is up to 10 meters. Behind-the-ear mount someone might not appreciate, but headphones specially designed to stay and not fall out, no matter what activity you are doing.

Surprisingly headphones turned HONOR that only 2 600 rubles , is able to give a jump start to many well-known producers on the market sound. These are closed ear which support Bluetooth version 4.1, I have the playback controller, a microphone for calls and and protection from water and sweat. The special design of the headphones and the movable coil provides rich, full-bodied bass performance.

If we talk about wired headphones — great for those with minimal costs (about 3 thousand rubles) wants to touch the premium audio. Earphone Sennheiser IE series are immensely popular around the world and for good reason: they have a very good noise isolation, punchy bass and metal body. Many people use this model for many years, so the market it has already established itself. Yes, IE 4 picky about the source, but if you connect something like the FiiO X1, you will be pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. Headphones compatible with all gadgets and operating systems, and you will also find three additional pairs of interchangeable ear cushions of different sizes for maximum comfort.

As you can see, some AirPods a world of wireless headphones is not restricted, and you can find a model for any taste and budget. However, if you are in the first place is the quality of sound, should pay attention to wired headphones.


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