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Responsible for a particular business is now easy — Internet and TV is literally full of such services. But often they are not as good as they say, "pitfalls" is here. Do not place same ad on ad hoc jobs or search for operational assistance to the Bulletin Board? The team from Odintsovo decided to take into account all the shortcomings of the current "giants" and created its own service with a very ambiguous name — "the armless.no."

In recent years, many freelancers and professionals even narrow industries began to move to the "armless.no." Why? Try to understand.


The new service is so good

No services. the Customer does not have to pay anything when creating an advertisement, and the executor can not "cheat" yourself reviews, buying advertising or illuminating your account among others. Only fair competition: the choice of the customer depends entirely on the professionalism and competence of the contractor.

everyone wins. Yes, this is the first service of its kind where you can earn not only by the contractor (for work performed), but also the customer. The last gets points for the posted job and left a review about the artist. These points can then be spent on the provision of services or taxi cabs. In Moscow the role of a partner performs the service "Taksik"

Performers easier "to live." the Service does not require performers to undergo mandatory interviews, tests, and other nonsense. However, you do not necessarily need people with higher education to bring a piano to the top floor? And the courier did not have to know the monologue of hamlet by heart.

How to use

Very simple. Register a phone number and then choose a role — of the customer or supplier. To create a new account is not necessary. Then either post your job (if you are a customer) or choose from available offers (if you artist). In the first case, be prepared that sentences can be several. How to choose? The easiest way according to information in the profile of the artist and photographs of his completed works. This begs the Council to the actors themselves — shall describe their skills and, as they say, show "showmanship".

To Select performers according to their ability is possible thanks to the convenient filter in the tab "Pick up artist".


Again, only Moscow?

And here and there. "Armless.no" can work in any city. Location to run or production jobs you choose — whether it's Perm or the village Red. In the latter case, however, work will be a little — so it's best to subscribe to notifications about ads by location. Download the mobile app at these links: , . And make sure the jobs around you!


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