Glass and metal: review for smartphone BQ Jumbo


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Glass and metal: review for smartphone BQ Jumbo

Although we often cook full reviews of smartphones, some instances still deserve to be told. turned out to be really interesting and inexpensive by modern standards device. Take a look at him closer.

Immediately I want to note after meeting with Jumbo: 2 gigabytes of RAM, pretty good processor from Mediatek and a number of engineering and design solutions that make the operation of the smartphone more convenient. Yes, the smartphone is comfortable and very pleasant to the touch. It looks — more.

6 inch and HD+ (1440 x 720 pixels) — the perfect combination, allowing the user at a reasonable price to get a very good picture. Many conventional HD on such diagonal more than happy with. Of course it's not AMOLED, but the screen tries to give the user a really bright colors, and it is possible (in the sun, though not always).

Great that BQ did not choose for a smartphone some overloaded shell. Nothing more, nothing overloaded-animated. MT6739 and 2 gigabytes of RAM cope even with heavy graphics, for which, by the way, is responsible PowerVR GE8100. 4 cores Cortex-A53 — it's not just you.

Cool the CPU controls the flow of energy, and also speeds up the processing of data without sacrificing overall performance. Due to this and is achieved by increasing the device performance through to the flagship model. Build quality — above all praise. No, really. Metal, plastic and glass customized to each other almost perfectly, so squeaks or strange deformations you will not notice.

The Battery enough for the eyes. 3900 with two SIM cards and the memory card (slot combined) is a bold two days of operation and average load.

Of Course, if you constantly play games, the battery life is reduced very much, but the messengers, browsing and not much other energy-intensive processor tasks safely give the user a treasured two days.

The memory for the data is 16 gigabytes. You can add a microSD card, so for music, selfies and other entertainment places enough. BQ Jumbo allows for a couple of years to forget about buying a smartphone, with all the available technologies at a sane price.

In the presence of LTE, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2 is all that is necessary to any modern device. Is stable, although sometimes the cellular network, and think, but while you're thinking, what happened to it — it's already here.

Use Main camera 13 megapixels — the usual for this segment. There are various "ulusalcis", software settings like ISO and so on.

By the Way, in good light the pictures are very sharp.


Shot on the main camera BQ Jumbo


Shot on the main camera BQ Jumbo

"Frontalka" is good, too — with 8 MP you can even afford a selfie at a party where not enough lighting.


Filmed on the front camera BQ Jumbo

— another interesting smartphone from a renowned manufacturer. For 9000 roubles it is possible to consider to purchase not only as a second phone, but as the main device. Disadvantages here are, but for Android 7.1 out of the box and the fingerprint scanner can be forgiven a lot.


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