All "gray" smartphones in Russia want to make the black list


2018-01-31 17:00:04




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The Importation of so-called "gray" (taken illegally) technology pretty much limits the inflow of tax revenues to the state Treasury, therefore, not surprising that illegal devices made to fight in a variety of ways. And just recently, a new mechanism for the regulation and control of all smartphones in the country.

Representatives of the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) introduced a new concept of control for mobile devices using the unique IMEI number. The corresponding document has already been sent to the Federation Council. AKITA proposes to create a national registry of IMEI numbers, which is generated based on the data of mobile operators, manufacturers and subscribers themselves. It will include the so-called "white list" — that is, all devices brought into the country by law. And the "black list", which will be the numbers of the devices imported illegally, stolen devices, as well as those whose legality has not yet been confirmed.

The Main objective of the proposal is the regulation of an unstable market and creation of barriers to sellers of illegally imported to Russia devices. To import devices for their personal use one not going to deny. The import of a single device, according to the initiative of the AKITA will be free, second you will have to pay a fee of 20 dollars, and for each subsequent — already $ 30. However, if you have no receipts or other documents about the purchase, you will have to pay $ 40, regardless of what is on the account device. Innovation is planned to implement gradually in the next three years, and it will apply only to devices imported into the country after the law enters into force, if, of course, be adopted.


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