The first wireless Qi-charging-enabled Lightning


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The first wireless Qi-charging-enabled Lightning

Among the many colorful announcements of the beginning of the year there are less obvious at first sight, but no less meaningful. IPhone users for the first time has invited third-party wireless charging-enabled device, including Lightning cables from Apple. What are the features which became the first of its kind wireless accessory and its price?

LXORY not among the leading companies in the business of wireless chargers for mobile devices, but that she managed to be the first released wireless charger supports Apple Lightning cables. About it in the published online article "The first Lightning-based wireless Qi charger is here" ("First wireless charger Qi-enabled Lightning is already here") reports Chaim gartenberg (Chaim Gartenberg).

Most of the wireless chargers that are designed to transfer energy from the electric wall outlet to the charging pad support ports MicroUSB, USB-C or other proprietary ports. In the new charging pad from LXORY called "LXORY Dual Wireless Charging Pad", there is also and entry for the connector of the proprietary cable from Apple. Thus, the user does not have to change cables to switch between wired and wireless charging of your iPhone.

Among the additional features of the new dual wireless charger for mobile devices, is equipment temperature sensor that protects the charging device against overheating. Additionally it is also reported that some products LXORY, designed for use with the iPhone and Apple Watch has already received favorable reviews. In offering its new product, given the dimensions of the considered accessory, which (in millimeters) is 203 x 93 x 9.5.

Wireless charging Pad from LXORY is the first to support Lightning, but it also provides connectors for more than the usual MicroUSB and USB connectors-C. This means that for a new charger from LXORY not going to matter what format the connector is provided for charging his device. The design of the charging pad provides the ability to simultaneously charge two Qi-enabled devices, since the right and left actually has two pad devices. Provided in the present wireless accessory, and a USB Type-A to connect additional cable to the wall electrical outlet.

However, we should mention also some features of the new charger, which can be submitted to some users the disadvantages of this accessory. First of all, power supply with plug for connection to the wall socket not included in scope of supply of the first charger support cables Lightning. Second, the new wireless charging pad from LXORY supports output only 5 watts of power. This means that users of new items will not be available the advantage of wireless charging devices from Apple and Samsung, suggesting a power output of 7.5 and 9 watts. This means that fast charging is not the question. As seen in the image in the package only includes the USB cable. All other cables are optional.

It Should also be noted that, although the new charger from LXORY and supports Lightning cables, the new product is not certified as an official product with support for Lightning under the Apple MFi program, which, however, isn't always able to say something about the quality and usability of the product.

Thus, the users at a price 28,60 dollar USA is a wireless charger for simultaneous charging of two devices and supports all major types of connectors, characteristic of cables on the market of mobile devices. The accessory lacks support fast charging. And there is also no approval of its use by Apple. We can only hope that in the future other manufacturers of wireless charging devices will also expand the number of supported they offer accessories cables.

Among the most notable devices that can be charged with energy with the new LXORY Dual Wireless Charging Pad stand for iPhone 8 and X, Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and S8, Google Nexus (4-7). Many other devices are also supported with a new accessory. If the smartphone out of the box not supported wireless charging on the website LXORY noted the existence of the possibility to upgrade it with an external case receiver or receiver.


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