Rostec presented a complex pedestrian navigation for the world Cup 2018


2017-02-17 14:00:05




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Rostec presented a complex pedestrian navigation for the world Cup 2018

In the development of a Federal program «Safe city» and preparation and holding in Russia of world football championship in 2018, the holding company «Schwabe», part of state Corporation «rostec», has introduced a navigation system InCity, which aims to simplify movement of citizens through the city and make the infrastructure more efficient.

Navigation system InCity consists of a terminal with a touch screen, and reference information, and equipped with the system "citizen – police" emergency call representatives of law enforcement. In addition, the complex is equipped with Wi-Fi module and transport information boards with the location of bus shelters and timetable of public transport. Graphic elements, fonts, and other elements allow you to easily scale and adapt the navigation system to work with different urban systems, taking into account pedestrian traffic, ergonomics and activity levels of urban areas. According to the Director of special Affairs of the Corporation «rostec» Vasily Brovko

«In preparation for the world Cup for the first time we connect to the unified infrastructure of the modern principles of the organization of pedestrian navigation and high-tech means to effectively monitor public spaces. This product is part of the integrated project "Smart city", a project that deals with the Corporation».

security System «Watch». Predecessor complex InCity

The Latest set InCity is a system of visual communication, and navigation using the elements of surveillance, alert and emergency communications that integrates the urban environment within a single network. People who are fond of video games, probably already drew Parallels with the ctOS from the video game Watch Dogs, except for the fact that not InCity managing urban infrastructure, but only provides a visual and navigational information to users. It is also worth noting that InCity is an enhanced security version of "the Watch", which was shown in 2016 in the framework of the exhibition "INNOPROM 2016". The first test system and screening of test sample scheduled for 2017.

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